Happy Thanksgiving

red maple leaf graphicThis is the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, which falls much earlier than the American one, probably since, being in the “Great White North” our harvest season comes earlier.

Right now, today, I believe Canada has a lot to be thankful for.

First, that we have a minority government. Although not the perfect solution to our need for electoral reform. it’s better than nothing. Simply because it means that the ruling party cannot pass any law they like against the will of the people. It’s nearly democracy.

I am thankful for this.

The restored Clock Tower in Kitchener's Victoria Park
The ACTA agreement has not been signed. In fact, there is no plan to continue the negotiations because there were irreconcilable differences between the parties. Even though there are/have-been/will-be herculean attempts to “spin” this #FAIL into effective propaganda to force sovereign nations to legislate according to the dictates of American corporate policy, at least this can be challenged on the basis that the ACTA agreement was never agreed. People of conscience risked a great deal to leak the ACTA documents throughout the process, effectively shining a light on the proceeding and making it impossible to pass this ‘trade agreement’ in secrecy.

I am thankful for this.

Canada does not yet have a “Canadian DMCA.” To date there have been three attempts to pass such a law (Bill C-60, Bill C-61, Bill C-32) which would clearly be against the Interests of both Canadians and Canadian culture. We are fortunate indeed to have online activists (even if Malcolm Gladwell chooses not to believe in them) who have made these issues clear to a great many Canadians who would not otherwise have even known about this until it was a ‘done deal’. The very vocal opposition to these drafts of bad legislation which has resulted, both on and offline, have so far helped to safeguard Canada from passage of a Canadian DMCA.

Since it is always easier to stop bad law than repeal bad law, I am thankful for this too.

Happy Thanksgiving

a horizontal border of red graphic maple leaves

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