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[I’m working Hard to get my debut novel launched (this month!) and writing the first draft to my next in NaNoWriMo, so I hope to reduce my blogging. I will, however, try to keep an ear to the ground and keep you posted, particularly as Bill C-32 still appears to be on the table in spite of universal opposition from citizens (except for the corporate special interest groups it who it was drafted to appease.) —Laurel L. Russwurm]

red maple leaf graphicLast week the University of Ottawa’s Michael Geist, an internationally regarded authority on Internet and technology law, was the recipient of a Public Knowledge IP3 Award.

Professor Geist’s blog is probably the primary source of information regarding Canadian copyright issues. He also has a Twitter Feed for breaking news.

Because Copyright issues that will be covered by Bill C-32 are so incredibly important both for Canada’s economic and cultural future, Michael Geist has edited a new book dedicated to the subject, with chapters written by Canada’s top legal lights in the copyright field.

This week, Canadian legal publisher Irwin Law released a new book entitled From “Radical Extremism” to “Balanced Copyright”: Canadian Copyright and the Digital Agenda, edited by University of Ottawa law professor Michael Geist. The entire book can be downloaded, chapter by chapter. “The latest chapter in the Canadian copyright saga unfolded in June 2010 as Industry Minister Tony Clement and Canadian Heritage James Moore tabled Bill C-32, copyright reform legislation billed as providing both balance and a much-needed modernization of the law.

Library Boy “New Canadian Copyright Law Book Available Free for Download”

cover art

If you want to purchase a physical copy or download it LEGALLY for free (it’s published under a Creative Commons License), you will find

From “Radical Extremism” to “Balanced Copyright”:
Canadian Copyright and the Digital Agenda

at the Irvin Law Books Website.

Canadian DMCA

Either way, this book is a must read.

If Bill C-32, also known as the “Canadian DMCA,” were to become law as written, the direct result would be that Michael Geist and Irwin Law would have been prevented from releasing this book as a free digital download under a creative commons license.

Because if it becomes illegal to circumvent digital locks (DRM/TPM) for non-infringing uses, every digital device from the Internet to eBook readers will be locked down, overriding the rights of creators to release their work for digital distribution as they see fit.

Geist speaking on Fair Copyright at the University of 2008

If that happens, copyright will no longer serve its supposed function as a tool for creators.

Tell your MP that you do not support Bill C-32.

Michael Geist also has a dedicated copyright public service blog Speak out on Copyright, as well as establishing a FaceBook Fair Copyright page.

a horizontal border of red graphic maple leaves

Image Credit:
Michael Geist, University of Calgary, 2008 – photo by D’Arcy Norman

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