Happy Victoria Day!

The weather isn’t as dreadful as predicted (yet) for southern Ontario; probably saving it up for the predicted thunderstorm to douse tonight’s traditional Columbia Lake fireworks display. But at least the holiday weekend falls near Queen Victoria’s actual birthday, which is the 24th of May.

I’ve always liked Queen Victoria. Probably because I thought her statue in the park was pretty cool.

Left: looking way up the statue,  top right Statue in its roadside setting, cannon in foreground, bottom right, lion at statue's base

Of course, having your own cannon, not to mention a lion standing on guard for thee adds to the mystique.

Looking up at Queen Victoria

red maple leaf graphic

The poem I learned as a child went something like this:

“The twenty-fourth of May is the Queen’s birthday,
and if we don’t get a holiday we’ll all run away!”

I have to say that I was quite shocked that they don’t actually have this holiday in the UK. Guess its the case of the the colonies getting a bit carried away.

Drive safely.

a horizontal border of red graphic maple leaves


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