The Canada Post Strike Is Over

cancelled stamps In may mailbox:

1 bank statement.
1 bill.
1 Rogers solicitation.

Is it really worth it?

I will never mail a copy of my novel to anyone again. Why should I? First I have to pay to have CreateSpace courier it to me. But then Canada Post charges me near double to mail a copy of my novel to a city I can drive to in under two hours. Canada Post offers no slow and inexpensive option.

Why should I pay $15.00 shipping charge, when Create Space will courier a single copy of my novel for around $5.00.

I know a bride who took her wedding invitations in to Canada Post to be weighed and mailed so there would be no hitch in delivery. Some Canada Post locations rejected them, and about half were returned because some locations felt more postage was required.

Canada Post is an important institution that requires serious reorganization.
If that doesn’t happen, it will die.
That will be too bad.

a horizontal border of red graphic maple leaves


One thought on “The Canada Post Strike Is Over

  1. I’m glad you wrote something other than a marxist diatribe. I clicked a link to your site thinking you would be propping up the unions who were on strike.

    Anyways, thanks for not being so predictable anymore.

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