… we interrupt this election …

Ivy coloured archway at the University of Toronto
Can we only guess at what will set us free?

[Ontario is having our provincial election, and I thought I’d be ready to post my Nuclear debate video today, but have been prevented by technical difficulties.  Fingers crossed for Friday.]

Meanwhile, Canadian activist Byron Sonne was incarcerated for nearly a year as a result of charges brought against him just before the Toronto G20 Summit. Although almost all the charges have been dropped, he has still not had a trial. Although no longer incarcerated, Byron is still a long way from being free. His liberty is curtailed by heavy bail restrictions, and the threat of trial (probably this fall) hangs over his head.

You can read the Toronto Life Cover Story “How Byron Sonne’s obsession with the G20 security apparatus cost him everything” By Denise Balkissoon online to get more of the background. There is a publication ban, so I am limited in what I can write, since I am not a lawyer. Still, I believe the trial will vindicate Byron.

But a legal defense, even in good cause, costs money.  Byron has asked for help to spread the word that it is now possible to make donations for his defense fund via the Free Byron website created by his friends and supporters. Any funds left over (if any) will be donated to the Canadian Civil Liberties Association

My problem is that I won’t set up a PayPal account since hearing that the American PayPal corporation froze the fledgling Pirate Party of Canada‘s funds without cause.  Although they later released the funds, I don’t think corporations have any business interfering in human politics.  I think that you can probably donate by credit card without having to sign up for an account.

If not, I’ll be mailing my donation by cheque to:

Byron Sonne
37 Mara Cresent
Brampton, Ontario
L6V 4C2

I expect that any such cheques should be made payable to:

Free Byron (Valerie Sonne In Trust)

Free Byron

Full Disclosure:

Although I have never met Byron, I have corresponded with him a little, as well as attending a few days of one of his preliminary hearings.   I will also hope to attend his trial.


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