Occupy Canada

Occupy Toronto banner - black and white tents in the park

They don’t call Canada the “Great White North” for nothing. We’ve already had some snow.

So, you would think that the OccupyCanada movement would start to dissipate, but in fact the reverse seems to be true.

In the wake of police punitively pepper spraying peaceful student protesters at the University of California Davis campus, many people are outraged at the police brutality we are seeing. Many Canadians have been seriously disturbed about this kind of repression of dissent since last year’s G20 mass arrests.

So, you would think that the government mandated police attacks designed to silence the OccupyCanada movement would start to dissipate, but in fact the reverse is true there too.

From the Remembrance Day assault on the Halifax #Occupy Nova Scotia protest camp, to all the other brutal evictions of the occupy Movement ~ which is in fact taking hold all across Canada ~ these attempts to stifle dissent are not working.

Many law abiding citizens think the brutality is intended to stop people camping out in public parks, yet Naoimi Wolf points out that the police are not pepper spraying or roughing up people camping out to buy tickets to shows The shocking truth about the crackdown on Occupy

A truly sobering thought is that the backbone of the Occupy Movement are people who have nowhere else to go. Most people reading this blog have a domicile. A place to live where there is heat and light, electricity, and perhaps even an Internet connection. This is not true for an alarming number of Canadians who are homeless. When the riot gear clad police wade into the numerous Canadian Occupy Camps pitched in public parks across this great land, when the police make free with batons and pepper spray and brutally turn the protesters out of the donated tents where they have been living, many of the protesters have nowhere to go. Living in these Occupy tents with access to heat and light and purpose has been an improvement in their standard of living. They have been camping in public parks for want of anywhere else to go for some time now.

That which the Occupy movement protests, the ridiculous inequity of wealth in this country is illustrated by the fact of so many Canadian homeless.


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