we don’t like thinking of Canada as a police state…

police car traffic stop at night
What’s happening to Byron Sonne right now in the halls of Canadian justice is not, unfortunately, happening in a vacuum.

The aftermath of the Toronto G20 police repression, including mass arrests, and citizens placed under restrictive bail conditions including prevention of free speech are continuing cause for concern.

The recent “Occupy” protests across Canada have met with rough treatment by police.

Guelph poverty activist Julian Ichim, after being intensely investigated and charged prior to the Toronto G20, has had the charges against him dropped. Yet on the second day of his new blog, he was told by police to remove a blog post. Ichim protested, now the court has ordered him to remove the name – which isn’t even the real name, but the psuedonym – of the undercover police officer who insinuated himself into Mr. Ichim’s friendship, and spent a year and a half trying to get evidence, but the best he could do was call Julian Ichim a sociopath in court. Apparently it doesn’t matter that what Julian Ichim writes in his blog is true, it is illegal to expose an undercover RCMP officer or any security agency, which I learned from Joe Bowser’s stunning presentation Counselling Mischief as Thought Crime – CCCamp 2011

Media Coop Occupy offers Canadians the opportunity to Download the G20 Papers received through Freedom of Information requests.

Whatever happened to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms?

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2 thoughts on “we don’t like thinking of Canada as a police state…

  1. As an old man who was born in Toronto back in the 1940s I am an eye witness to Canada becoming a police state, and a country being destroyed as a result of excessive immigration policies. I’m not a racist for making that claim, I’m simply a patriotic Canadian who tells the truth, that’s what old people do. Mr. Harper wants to increase immigration rates up to one million per year. That large number will put the final nail in the coffin. We’ve got an 8% unemployment rate, all meaningful employment is vanishing with the destruction of unions, and one particular nationality is responsible for 95% of all gun related crimes in Toronto. There is no hope for Canada’s future, especially now that the country is turning into a police state. My wife and I have made the decision to spend the balance of our lives living in Costa Rica, we leave next December.

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