Say No to Bill C-11 #canyouhearmenow

Canadian DMCA

I was supposed to be working on self publishing today but if I can help stop C-11…

Peter Nowack in the Globe and Mail asks Can Canada’s flawed copyright bill be stopped?

Gillian Shaw in the Vancouver Sun says Canadians protest: Don’t lock down the Internet

Electronic Frontier Foundation logo

The Electronic Frontier Foundation warns: Don’t Let the U.S. Pressure Canada into Repeating The Same Mistakes

Citizens ask specific questions about Bill C-11 of our government but instead of rational answers receivenon responsive form letters that parrot propaganda

Michael Geist on HuffPo asks Canadians Speak Out Against Digital Locks. But Who’s Listening?

Howard Knopf posted his full comments from last week’s Global interview in Excess Copyright

OpenMedia has a protest form that you can fill out but doesn’t allow iFrames so I can’t embed it here, although I did post it on my family website. Alternatively you can visit OpenMedia to protest Canada’a Internet lockdown http://internetlockdown.

This is very important to me personally and professionally, because C11 (formerly known as C-32) will have a dire impacts on consumers and a creators.

Laurel L. Russwurm on Bill C-11


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