Wednesday – La soirée des casseroles au Canada

protest march

The next time anyone tells you that it is too expensive to make post secondary education free to all Canadian students think about this:

“Cost of F-35 fighter jets over 20 years: $25 billion…
Cost of wiping out Canada’s student debt: $20 billion”

— Alice Klein, Quebec student protests by the numbers

Casseroles Night In Canada continues today in Kitchener and around the world.

Wednesday June 6th,
8:00pm ~ Victoria Park Clock Tower

The protest begins at the Clock Tower in Victoria Park, at the entrance to the park off of Joseph St, between Gaukel and Ontario, accross the street from the bus Station.

Next week on June 12th, the Waterloo Public Interest Research Group (WPIRG) is presenting:

A Discussion on the Quebec (Student) Strike 2012
Tuesday, June 12, 2012

MC 4042 (Math & Computing Building, University of Waterloo)
This multi-media presentation and discussion will provide a recap of the history of student strikes in Quebec over the last thirty years, and offer critical reflections on the context and developments of the student strike in Quebec at this moment from an ‘on the ground’ perspective.

About the presenter: Emma is an organizer from Montreal who has participated in, and been heavily involved in the student strike movement in Quebec.

list of participating events

The Casseroles is a truly grassroots movement.  The fact of ordinary Canadians, English Canadians,  all Canadians all across Canada are hitting the streets in support of  Quebec is perhaps the biggest benefit to Canada so far.

Casseroles transcend the language problem, and have done more to cement Canadian unity and citizen solidarity than any of initiatives sponsored by the Federal government over the years.

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