Dear Senators…

Canada’s antiquated political system lacks much in the way of democratic protection.

When cursed with a majority government, there is little that can be done to prevent our government from passing bad laws.

There is only a single legal power to prevent the House of Commons from passing laws that are detrimental to the public good: the Senate.

I’m planning to write more about this later (just now I’m getting ready to go bang a pot at City Hall) but the meanwhile you can find out more about the Senate here, and the Senators here.
Write and tell them why the Omnibudget (Bill C-38) and the “Copyright Modernization Act” (Bill C-11) should not be made into law.

Contact the Senate

Senator Raynell Andreychuk Saskatchewan (Conservative)
Senator W. David Angus Québec ~ Alma, (Conservative)
Senator Salma Ataullahjan Ontario ~ Toronto, (Conservative)
Senator George Newfoundland and Labrador (Liberal)
Senator Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu Québec ~ La Salle, (Conservative)
Senator David Braley Ontario, (Conservative)
Senator Patrick Brazeau Québec ~ Repentigny, (Conservative)
Senator Bert Brown Alberta (Conservative)
Senator JoAnne L. Buth Manitoba (Conservative)
Senator Catherine S. Callbeck Prince Edward Island (Liberal)
Senator Larry W. Campbell British Columbia (Liberal)
Senator Claude Carignan Québec ~ Mille Isles, (Conservative)
Senator Andrée Champagne Québec ~ Grandville, (Conservative)
Senator Maria Chaput Manitoba (Liberal)
Senator Marie-P. Charette-Poulin Ontario ~ Northern Ontario (Liberal)
Senator Ethel M. Cochrane Newfoundland and Labrador (Conservative)
Senator Gerald J. Comeau Nova Scotia (Conservative)
Senator Anne C. Cools Ontario ~ Toronto Centre-York (Independent)
Senator Jane Cordy Nova Scotia (Liberal)
Senator James S. Cowan Nova Scotia (Liberal)
Senator Jean-Guy Dagenais Québec ~ Victoria (Conservative)
Senator Roméo Dallaire Québec ~ Gulf (Liberal)
Senator Dennis Dawson Québec ~ Lauzon (Liberal)
Senator Joseph A. New Brunswick ~ Saint John-Kennebecasis (Liberal)
Senator Pierre De Bané Québec ~ De la Vallière (Liberal)
Senator Jacques Demers Québec ~ Rigaud (Conservative)
Senator Consiglio Di Nino Ontario (Conservative)
Senator Percy E. Prince Edward Island ~ Charlottetown (Liberal)
Senator Norman E. Newfoundland and Labrador (Conservative)
Senator Michael Duffy Prince Edward Island ~ Cavendish (Conservative)
Senator Lillian Eva Dyck Saskatchewan (Liberal)
Senator Nicole Eaton Ontario (Conservative)
Senator Art Eggleton Ontario (Liberal)
Senator Joyce Fairbairn Alberta ~ Lethbridge (Liberal)
Senator Doug Finley Ontario-South Coast (Conservative H)
Senator Suzanne Fortin-Duplessis Québec ~ Rougemont (Conservative)
Senator Joan Fraser Québec ~ De Lorimier (Liberal)
Senator Linda Frum Ontario (Conservative)
Senator George Furey Newfoundland and Labrador (Liberal)
Senator Irving Gerstein Ontario (Conservative)
Senator Stephen Greene Nova Scotia ~ Halifax-The Citadel (Conservative)
Senator Mac Harb Ontario (Liberal)
Senator Céline Québec~ Bedford (Liberal)
Senator Leo Housakos Québec ~ Wellington (Conservative)
Senator Elizabeth Hubley Prince Edward Island (Liberal)
Senator Mobina S.B. Jaffer British Columbia (Liberal)
Senator Janis G. Manitoba (Conservative)
Senator Serge Joyal Québec ~ Kennebec (Liberal)
Senator Colin Kenny Ontario ~ Rideau (Liberal)
Senator Noël A. Kinsella New Brunswick ~ Fredericton-York-Sunbury (Conservative)
Senator Daniel Lang Yukon (Conservative)
Senator Marjory LeBreton Ontario (Conservative)
Senator Sandra M. Lovelace Nicholas New Brunswick (Liberal)

Senator Michael L. MacDonald requires contact via website form Call 613-995-1866 or 1-800-267-7362 or Fax: 613-995-1853

Senator Frank W. Mahovlich Ontario ~ Toronto (Liberal)
Senator Ghislain Maltais
Senator Québec ~ Shawinegan Québec (Conservative)
Senator Fabian Manning Newfoundland and Labrador (Conservative)
Senator Elizabeth (Beth) Marshall Newfoundland and Labrador (Conservative)
Senator Yonah Martin British Columbia (Conservative)
Senator Paul J. Massicotte Québec ~ De Lanaudière (Liberal)
Senator Elaine McCoy Alberta (Progressive Conservative )
Senator Terry M. Mercer Nova Scotia ~ Northend Halifax (Liberal)
Senator Pana Merchant Saskatchewan ( Liberal)
Senator Don Meredith
Ontario (Conservative)
Senator Grant Mitchell Alberta (Liberal)
Senator Percy Mockler New Brunswick (Conservative)
Senator Wilfred P. Moore Stanhope St. / South Shore (Liberal)
Senator Jim Munson Ontario ~ Ottawa / Rideau Canal (Liberal)
Senator Nancy Ruth Ontario ~ Cluny (Conservative)
Senator Richard Neufeld British Columbia (Conservative)
Senator Pierre Claude Nolin Québec ~ De Salaberry (Conservative)
Senator Kelvin Kenneth Ogilvie Nova Scotia ~ Annapolis Valley-Hants (Conservative)
Senator Donald H. Oliver Nova Scotia ~ South Shore (Conservative)
Senator Dennis Glen Patterson Nunavut (Conservative)
Senator Robert W. Peterson Saskatchewan (Liberal)
Senator Donald Neil Plett Manitoba ~ Landmark (Conservative)
Senator Rose-May Poirier New Brunswick ~ Saint-Louis-de-Kent (Conservative)
Senator Vivienne Poy Ontario ~ Toronto (Liberal)
Senator Nancy Greene Raine British Columbia ~ Thompson-Okanagan-Kootenay (Conservative)
Senator Pierrette Ringuette New Brunswick (Liberal)
Senator Michel Rivard Québec ~ The Laurentides (Conservative)
Senator Jean-Claude Rivest Québec ~ Stadacona (Independent)
Senator Fernand Robichaud New Brunswick (Liberal)
Senator Bob Runciman Ontario ~ Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes (Conservative)
Senator Hugh Segal Ontario ~ Kingston-Frontenac-Leeds (Conservative)
Senator Judith Seidman Québec ~ De la Durantaye (Conservative)
Senator Asha Seth Ontario (Conservative)
Senator Nick G. Sibbeston Northwest Territories (Liberal)
Senator David P. Smith Ontario ~ Cobourg (Liberal)

Senator Larry Smith Québec ~ Saurel (Conservative) has no email *or* web page
613-996-8555 or 1-800-267-7362 ~ Fax: 613-996-8565 [see below for something to try]

Senator Gerry St. Germain British Columbia ~ Langley-Pemberton-Whistler (Conservative)
Senator Carolyn Stewart Olsen New Brunswick (Conservative)
Senator Terry Stratton Manitoba ~ Red River (Conservative)
Senator Claudette Tardif Alberta (Liberal)
Senator David Tkachuk Saskatchewan (Conservative)
Senator Betty E. Unger Alberta (Conservative)
Senator Josée Verner Québec ~ Montarville (Conservative)
Senator John D. Wallace New Brunswick ~ Rothesay (Conservative)
Senator Pamela Wallin Saskatchewan (Conservative)
Senator Charlie Watt Québec ~ Inkerman (Liberal)
Senator Vernon White
Senator Rod A. A. Zimmer Manitoba (Liberal)

Fax Alternative

Every Senator has a fax number, so for the Senators who have unpublished email addresses, we can try to email a fax using a free online service like TPC fax service

For Senator Larry Smith type the following as the addressee:

If you prefer this email-fax solution to an online web form, you can do the same for Senator Michael L. MacDonald

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