#Manifencours ~ Day 136: Nordic Countries have Free Education

“One of the main Twitter hashtags relating the Quebec actions is #manifencours, an abbreviation of “manifestation en cours, meaning simply “demonstration in the streets.”
Salon: Dissent, à la Québécoise

When I went to college every eligible Canadian could reasonably access the education they wanted.

In Ontario, students could apply for OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program) and, depending on financial circumstance could get loans and/or grants to ensure they could get an education. Without the grants I received, I very much doubt I would have gone to college.

Ontario was looking to cut back the year I graduated. Because I was well aware how important government assistance was for me, I attended my first Queen’s Park protest this bad policy.

It didn’t help.

By the time my younger siblings began their post secondary education, grants were gone. Ironically, those in government deciding to decrease education funding today were themselves beneficiaries of an accessible educational system.

education for some

How many of our young people who should be attending college or university are driving cab or slinging Mcfood?  How many are unwilling to mortgage the rest of their lives in repaying their debt-fueled education?

Perhaps the ones with the capacity to solve world hunger,  develop a faster-than-light drive or cure Cancer or AIDS will never get the chance to fulfil their potential. 

That isn’t just their loss, it’s ours.

Day 136: Quebec Student Strike

When we see Government of Quebec ignoring the legitimate concerns of the students, and worse, when we see riot police abusing these young people who aren’t looking for a free ride, but a hand up, I have to wonder . . . why?

It is in Canada’s best interest to educate all of our young. They say there isn’t enough money, yet there always seems to be money for fighter jets and prisons.

Post secondary students in other Canadian Provinces assume an even greater student debt load than those in Quebec. Is this wise? Or is it even good public policy?

I think not.

a horizontal border of red graphic maple leaves

Infographic by Occupy* Posters released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0) via Silhouette Man

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