Democracy Week ~ Fair Vote Canada

As Canadian democracy becomes more mythological every day, I find myself cheering for Fair Vote Canada even more. Our electoral system is antiquated and grossly unfair, because, of course, it was established in the 18th Century. Before automobiles, telephones or television.

Things have changed. A lot. There have been occasional changes to our electoral system, but it seeme to me that they have all been made in the spirit of bolstering the ruling political party that has made them. The elements that were supposed to provide oversight (such as Governor General, Lieutenant Governor, Senate) have all been disempowered to the point where Canadian voters mostly have even less say in our government than we did back in 1867.

So I very much support Fair Vote Canada. This is the second year for Fair Vote’s Democracy Week.  It began this year on September 15th,  the International Day of Democracy.  Fair Vote held a Democracy Fair on King Street in Waterloo, yesterday as part of Open Streets.

Tonight Waterloo Region’s Fair Vote Chapter presents:

Electoral Reform 101

7 PM at the Lyle S. Hallman School of Social Work
120 Duke Street West, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

“Wondering what the talk of electoral reform is all about? Why do we need it? What does proportional representation mean? Come learn the basics with this presentation and bring your questions!”

Hope to see you there!


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