Canadians: Sign Up If You Can

Today is the last day to sign up as a Liberal Party Supporter.

If you sign up,  you can vote in the Liberal Party Leadership race next month — you can help select the new Liberal Leader.

You don’t have to pay anything.  There are only two rules:

  • You must be a Canadian.
  • You can’t be a member of any other Political Party. [If you are, it is acceptable to temporarily resign your other Party membership in order to vote.]

If you’re new to the idea, and have no idea who you might want to vote for, here’s the thing: you don’t have to actually vote today, this is just the last day to register as a “supporter” so you can participate in the vote.

The actual voting will be held on April 14, 2013.


I am writing an article explaining why I — a proud life long member of NO party — think this is a good idea, but its taking longer than I thought, and I won’t be done until later tonight… in the meantime there is an:


It’s easy to do, and even if you aren’t likely to actually vote Liberal, wouldn’t it be better for you to have a say in who the new LPC leader is — especially if that leader becomes Canada’s next Prime Minister?


I know one dedicated member of another party who is suspending her membership to vote here, and another who can’t see his way clear to doing this. Beyond these considerations, the only downside I can see is a privacy consideration: you have to give up your email address. Still, if that is a concern, sign up for a disposable free Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail free email address.

Today is the last day to register, so if you decide you want to tomorrow, it will be too late. If you sign up today, you don’t actually have to vote when the time comes. So, why not?

Do It

Joyce Murray, Liberal Leadership Candidate
Joyce Murray, Liberal Leadership Candidate

Because Canada needs Proportional Representation, the Liberal Leadership Candidate I will probably vote for is Joyce Murray,  the “Cooperate For Canada” candidate.   Although I am not entirely sure about Cooperate,  Joyce is the only candidate I know of who has come out in support of Proportional Representation, which I am sure about.  Some of the others may yet rethink the issue between now and voting day.

Here are a few of her endorsements:

And don’t miss Joyce Murray’s son’s rap video:  Baba Brinkman’s rap video

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