Fair Elections Act Petitions

X marks the spotThe Harper Government is rushing the so called “Fair Elections Act” 242-page Omnibus Bill through the House of Commons at breakneck speed. The sweeping changes this ill advised draft legislation seeks to implement are raising alarms among Canadians about the future of Canadian democracy.

You can read the full text of Bill C-23 here.


So far there are two petitions in opposition to the ill advised “Fair Election Act” the Harper Government is rushing through the House of Commons.

The first is being mounted by the online advocacy group Leadnow, who are particularly concerned with the aspects of the bill which will serve to disenfranchise many Canadians, including First Nations peoples, Canadian young people, and the growing ranks of the Canadian poor.
PETITION: Stop US Style Voter Suppression From Becoming Canadian Law

The second petition is from The Council of Canadians, who are particularly concerned with the undemocratic changes this law would make to our electoral system.
PETITION: Investigate and prevent electoral fraud with a truly fair Elections Act

Further Reading:

My previous article looked at the “Fair Elections Act” but there are so many things wrong with C-23 there have been a flurry of articles already:

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6 thoughts on “Fair Elections Act Petitions

  1. Excellent work you’ve done here, Laurel! My blog is rather dormant lately. It’s too problematic for me to update it and clean it up. (I’ve managed to forget how I used to post in the HTML format, etc.)… That’s why I am mostly on Facebook and Twitter now…. btw, if you ever feel like cleaning up a sad, old blog that once was quite good, I’d gladly give you my sign-in info… (Just an idea… 🙂 ~ Annamarie Bohus (on Facebook)

    • Thanks for the kind words, but I have too many blogs of my own to keep up already, 😮 and blogging is a large part of the reason why I am so dreadfully behid in getting my second novel done. If you have a WordPress blog, you should be able to toggle between html and display from the post creation screen.

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