Vote For Cathy: Waterloo #LPC Nomination

Cathy MacLellan
2015 Waterloo Liberal Candidate Nominee Cathy MacLellan

As I’ve become more politically involved, since beginning this blog in response to the Harper Government’s Premature Prorogation, I have come to know Cathy MacLellan, one of the LPC Candidate Nominees for Waterloo.

Like most of the Waterloo Region politicians I’ve come in contact with, I first noticed Cathy in photographs I took at various political events put on by my Fair Vote WRC friends.

At first all I saw was her smile, as she participated as an attendee in workshops and panel discussions raising public awareness about Canadian Politics and Democracy.  But over the years, I’ve had opportunities to speak with Cathy, and I’ve learned she is a very intelligent and committed woman from a successful entrepreneurial background.  I was particularly impressed with the breadth of Cathy’s knowledge as well as her skill when she moderated a highly informative CETA Panel Discussion between local MP Stephen Woodworth and Angelo DiCaro.

I’ve heard her speak passionately about the path our current government has led us down, and the more I’ve come to know her, the more convinced I am that Cathy MacLellan  is exactly the kind of representative we desperately need in Parliament.  Because Cathy is committed to making Canada a better place, not just for ourselves, but for our kids.

Better yet, Cathy MacLellan is both ready and willing to fight for our future. And I very much expect Cathy will win, because I can’t imagine anyone else will match her commitment.

The Nominees will speak to the LPC members at 4:00pm, and voting will follow until 7:00pm when the votes will be tallied to determine the LPC Candidate for the Waterloo Electoral District for the upcoming 2015 Federal Election.

Sunday, February 22, 2015
Waterloo Inn
475 King Street North
Waterloo, ON N2J 2Z5

If you are a member of the Liberal Party, you should head out to this afternoon’s Candidate Nomination Meeting so you can Vote for Cathy.



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