Sign of the Times ~ Stop Bill C-51

If you haven’t time or inclination to make your own sign, you are more than welcome to make use of any of mine for the Day of Action to Stop Bill B-51 on March 14th.

SAVE OUR Canadian Charter - Landscape
Poster #1


All three of these images link to the full size high def image you can download in any size on Flickr.

Preserve our Charter
Poster # 2
SAVE OUR Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Poster #3


STOP Bill C-51 Sticker Sheetsmall
Sticker Sheet

And I’ve also turned the graphic into a page you can print on sticker paper and then cut to size.

All the images are public domain, so you can do anything you like with them. If you want something fancier, there are other PD posters in my Privacy, Liberty and Civil Rights Flickr album.


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