Bill C-51 isn’t a partisan issue, it’s a Canadian Issue

1The Harper Government has made 3 cosmetic changes to Bill C-51 while summarily dismissing all the amendments put forth by the other parties in the Parliamentary Committee. If they go ahead and pass it, it will be bad.

Even though some of the parties are acting like it is, Bill C-51 is not a partisan issue. Because the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms aling with our legal system is intended to protect the rights of every Canadian, regardless of party.

Bill C-51 ignores the rule of law and the protections Canadians enjoy under our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which is serious enough to worry Canadians across the political spectrum.

2You know its a non-partisan problem when legal scholars and ex-judges the legal profession and Rex Murphy and Conrad Black and Jean Chrétien and Paul Martin and Joe Clark and John Turner and Elizabeth May and Thomas Mulcair and the Communist Party and First Nations and a growing number of ordinary citizens are in agreement about how bad Bill C-51 is.

To tell them to Stop Bill C-51, I’ve made up some postcard designs (including a back addressed to Prime Minister Harper) that anyone can:

• print out on 4×6 paper themselves and then mail to the PM (mailing a letter or postcard to the Prime Minister or your MP is still FREE3

• get professionally printed (if you are going to print more than a few, getting it done at your photo store or print shop will probably be cheaper than doing it at home) – I plan to get some printed to hand out on Saturday at Kitchener City Hall

• share online

• attach to an email to send to your MP

• attach to an email to send to the PM

4stop bill c 51 postcards #4

You can download high def 300dpi printable copies of the 4″ x 6″ images from the Flickr Album here or click on the image you like and go straight to its Flickr page.

All the designs are CC0 so they’re legal for anyone to use any way they like.

In case you aren’t sure about the importance of Bill C-51, I’ve been aggregaring various resources that may help.

My YouTube Stop Bill C-51 Playlist


More on YouTube

my Flickr Bill C-51

Other Flickr Bill C-51

social media

my Tumblr #StopBillC51 posts

Other Tumblr Stop Bill C-51 posts and more Tumblr Bill C-51 posts

My WordPress posts about Bill C-51


Other WordPress posts about Bill C-51

Twitter on Bill C-51

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Google+ BillC51

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search engines:

DuckDuckGo Bill C-51



This is the official post card back, already supplied with the Prime minister’s mailing address.



for ixquick and startpage you’ll have to type in the search parameters yourself

If you haven’t, please sign the Leadnow petition REJECT FEAR. STOP STEPHEN HARPER’S “SECRET POLICE” BILL

And there is still time to join the Open Media Stop Bill C-51 Thunderclap which goes until 10am April 13th, 2015.

Law Professors Craig Forcese and Kent Roach (at the University of Ottawa and the University of Toronto respectively) have been raising the alarm in articles like“Bill C-51: the Good, the Bad . . . and the Truly Ugly” which outline many of the very disturbing elements of Bill C-51.  They’ve created a website where they have shared their findings about Bill C-51 in detail

Possibly the single most disturbing element for me is something Mr. Forcese says in one of his information videos:

…the whole thing is covert.

We just have never seen anything like this in Canada before. Personally I would expect judges to consider all this unconstitutional and they could never let CSIS breach the constitution. But you and I may never know because, as I’ve said, this legal question would likely be decided as part of secret proceedings.

— Craig Forcese, University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law

In particular, my other informational Whoa!Canada posts include direct links to even more resources:

Bill C-51 vs Canadian Civil Rights #StopC51 #PrivacyMatters


Liberal Leader Gets Bill C-51 Wrong


Bill C-51 Must Be Withdrawn


Bill C-51 Needs to be Scrapped, Not Amended

Even if you never vote, even if you never do another political thing in your life, telling your Member of Parliament or the Prime Minister not to pass Bill C-51 is the most important thing you can do, not just for yourself, but for Canada’s future.  Because if they pass this law, we will be living in a dystopian future, well on our way to Nineteen Eighty-Four.  And that’s not hyperbole, its fact.

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