Stop Bill C-51 the Musical (updated)

The Harper Government has fast tracked Bill C-51 in another dramatic demonstration of how little scrutiny the Harper Government is willing to accord Bill C-51.

The same can’t be said for the rest of us, because Bill C-51 is actually getting a great deal of scrutiny outside the Parliament Buildings. There are a lot of terrible things in this draft legislation, but as a writer I am especially concerned about its assault on Free Speech.  

Ordinarily I only blog about Canadian Politics sporadically, but this incredible danger Bill C-51 poses to Canadian culture and freedoms,  I have been doing everything I can think of to try to stop this assault on the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Okay, well, I have to admit  there isn’t really a musical… not yet, anyway.   Maybe that will be James Gordon’s next project?

But in the mean time, concerned Canadians across this wonderful land have been engaging in peaceful protest in many ways, including the making of Stop Bill C-51 protest songs.

Here are a couple of my favorites:

The Raging Grannies


Canadians at the First Stop Bill C-51 Day of Action Sing “Oh Canada”

Bill C-51 Song (Dennis Jones 2015)

Bill C-51 a song by Ian Patton

This last one isn’t really a protest song, but it beautifully demonstrates why Bill C-51 must be withdrawn.

‘Choosing Love Over Fear’ ~ London Stop Bill C-51 Demonstration

Please share!


Stevie and the Conservicats: A Little Help from Big Fear

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2 thoughts on “Stop Bill C-51 the Musical (updated)

  1. I am from Vancouver and I am against Bill C-51.So are many people across Canada against this Bill.This Bill gives CSIS more power to arrest people and hold them without the right to a lawyer or without charges against them.This Bill should be condemned by all people in Canada.
    It is good that the UN has condemned Bill C-51 and the Canadian Civil Liberties and Journalists across Canada has filed a lawsuit against Bill C-51 saying that this Bill goes against the Canadian Constitution.Every week demonstrations against Bill C-51 are held in all the major cities across Canada.These demonstrations will continue until this Bill is dropped.

    • I agree that Bill C-51 is easily the worst Canadian law ever passed, Stan. As well as widespread citizen protest, there are several legal challenges being pursued through the courts. I know times are tight, but anyone who can afford to would be well served to donate to the legal funds for any of these. Bill C-51 is simply bad legislation that is in serious conflict with the Canadian Constitution. The only thing for it is repeal, so I hope all eligible Canadians vote this fall, and when they do, to be sure vote only for candidates and parties who do not support Bill C-51. That means candidates from both Conservative and Liberal Parties. (I personally wouldn’t give Conservative MPs who abstained a pass. ) And of course making political donations to the parties that vigorously opposed Bill C-51 would be helpful.

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