Who Voted for C-51… Is my math right?

Thomas Mulcair in Waterloo

CORRECTION: My Numbers were Incorrect.

The premise of this article was my speculation that Bill C-51 might have been voted down at 3rd Reading in the House of Commons by the combined vote of all non-Conservative MPs (since so many Conservative MPs abstained from voting).

It has been brought to my attention (through the comments– thanks Sharon Best) that my count was indeed incorrect. Assuming I have the numbers right now, it seems that the Conservatives were 5 ahead on MPs.

Bill C-51 is being fast tracked by the Harper Government.  Although the Conservative Party only got around 30% of the vote in the 2011 election, thanks to the screwy unfair electoral system we have, the walked away with 100% of the power.

Although the NDP forms the Official Opposition, the reality is that the Harper Government can vote down every other party on brute force alone, and we have seen numerous examples of it doing just that.

Since there are no real checks or balances left to us ~ will the Senate transcend it’s rubber stamp-hood and stop Bill C-51?  We won’t know until next week.  In the meantime, I thought it would be a good idea to start keeping track.  I don’t know about you, but I will certainly never trust any politician who voted for Bill C-51.  It doesn’t matter that voting against it would not have stopped it against a Conservative onslaught.

Looking at the numbers, I have to wonder.  A striking number of MPs didn’t vote at all.  Math is not my strong suit, but right now the House of Commons is down 4 seats, so there are 304 seats in total.  But looking at the number, you can see just how smug the Harper Government was… a whopping 13 Conservatives didn’y bother to vote.  In fact, there were a mere 146 Conservative votes cast that day.  Which means Bill C-51 could have been voted down.

I understand young Justin Trudeau has done nothing but put his foot in it on this one.  His decision to support Bill C-51 and the hollowness if his various justifications have led to a goodly amount of dismay out here in the world where citizens are worried about the masive loss of civil liberties coming our way.

But instead of reconsidering his position, Mr. T  dug in his heels and presumably ordered his MPs to follow his lead in supporting the wworst legislation Canada has ever seen.  Trudeau’s refusal to back track in the face of facts is reminiscent of Mr. Hudak going down with his own ship in the last Ontario election.   Maybe Mr. Trudeau is worried he might be accused of shilly-shallying if he changed his mind.  Or looking weak, or foolish, or whatever.

But the fact remains, the one thing Mr. Trudeau might have done to rehabilitate himself and his party’s chances would have been to quietly consolidate opposition to the terrifying legislation.  If he has worked to ensure every single non-conservative MP voted against Bill C-51 he would have taken advantage of Mr. Harper’s hubris (the man himself didn’t even bother to show up and vote for his own Secret Police Bill) and voted Bill C-51 down.

Justin Trudeau lost out on a classic opportunity to get the egg off his face by getting Bill C-51 thrown out.  If he keeps this up, he will be lucky if his party manages to hang on to fourth place status come October.

My numbers come from Open Parliament’s Vote #395 on May 6th, 2015

YES VOTES                                    NO VOTES                         ABSTENTIONS
                                                          Louis Plamondon                  Claude Patry

YES VOTES                                    NO VOTES                         ABSTENTIONS
Diane Ablonczy                                                                             Chris Alexander
Mark Adler                                                                                    Keith Ashfield
Leona Aglukkaq                                                                            John Baird
Dan Albas                                                                                      Joyce Bateman
Harold Albrecht                                                                            Patrick Brown
Mike Allen                                                                                     Rod Bruinooge
Stella Ambler                                                                                 Rick Dykstra
Rona Ambrose                                                                              Stephen Harper
Rob Anders                                                                                  Joe Oliver
David Anderson                                                                           Devinder Shory
Andrew Scheer
Scott Armstrong
Jay Aspin
John Barlow
Leon Benoit
Candice Bergen
Maxime Bernier
James Bezan
Steven Blaney
Kelly Block
Ray Boughen
Peter Braid
Garry Breitkreuz
Lois Brown
Gord Brown
Brad Butt
Paul Calandra
Blaine Calkins
Ron Cannan
John Carmichael
Colin Carrie
Corneliu Chisu
Michael Chong
Rob Clarke
Tony Clement
Joan Crockatt
Joe Daniel
Patricia Davidson
Bob Dechert
Barry Devolin
Earl Dreeshen
John Duncan
Jim Eglinski
Ted Falk
Julian Fantino
Ed Fast
Kerry-Lynne Findlay
Diane Finley
Steven Fletcher
Royal Galipeau
Cheryl Gallant
Parm Gill
Shelly Glover
Robert Goguen
Peter Goldring
Gary Goodyear
Bal Gosal
Jacques Gourde
Nina Grewal
Dick Harris
Laurie Hawn
Bryan Hayes
Russ Hiebert
Jim Hillyer
Randy Hoback
Ed Holder
Roxanne James
Randy Kamp
Gerald Keddy
Jason Kenney
Peter Kent
Greg Kerr
Ed Komarnicki
Daryl Kramp
Mike Lake
Guy Lauzon
Denis Lebel
Ryan Leef
Kellie Leitch
Pierre Lemieux
Chungsen Leung
Wladyslaw Lizon
Ben Lobb
Tom Lukiwski
James Lunney
Peter MacKay
Dave MacKenzie
Larry Maguire
Colin Mayes
Phil McColeman
Cathy McLeod
Costas Menegakis
Larry Miller
James Moore
Rob Moore
Rob Nicholson
Rick Norlock
Deepak Obhrai
Gordon O’Connor
Tilly O’Neill-Gordon
Ted Opitz
Erin O’Toole
Christian Paradis
LaVar Payne
Pat Perkins
Pierre Poilievre
Joe Preston
Lisa Raitt
James Rajotte
Scott Reid
Michelle Rempel
Blake Richards
Greg Rickford
Andrew Saxton
Gary Schellenberger
Kyle Seeback
Bev Shipley
Joy Smith
Robert Sopuck
Kevin Sorenson
Bruce Stanton
Brian Storseth
Mark Strahl
David Sweet
David Tilson
Lawrence Toet
Bradley Trost
Bernard Trottier
Susan Truppe
Tim Uppal
Bernard Valcourt
Dave Van Kesteren
Peter Van Loan
Maurice Vellacott
Mike Wallace
Mark Warawa
Chris Warkentin
Jeff Watson
John Weston
Rodney Weston
David Wilks
John Williamson
Alice Wong
Stephen Woodworth
Lynne Yelich
Wai Young
Terence Young
David Yurdiga
Bob Zimmer

Forces et Démocratie
YES VOTES                                    NO VOTES                         ABSTENTIONS
.                                                         Jean-François Larose          Jean-François Fortin

YES VOTES                                    NO VOTES                         ABSTENTIONS 
.                                                         Bruce Hyer

.                                                          Elizabeth May

YES VOTES                                    NO VOTES                       ABSTENTIONS
Scott Andrews                                  Massimo Pacetti                André Bellavance
Sana Hassainia
Maria Mourani
Manon Perreault
Brent Rathgeber

Liberal Party of Canada
YES VOTES                                    NO VOTES                   ABSTENTIONS
Eve Adams                                                                               Gerry Byrne
Mauril Béanger                                                                        Arnold Chan
Carolyn Bennett                                                                       Lise St-Denis
Scott Brison
Sean Casey
Irwin Cotler
Rodger Cuzner
Stéphane Dion
Emmanuel Dubourg
Kirsty Duncan
Wayne Easter
Mark Eyking
Judy Foote
Chrystia Freeland
Hedy Fry
Marc Garneau
Ralph Goodale
Ted Hsu
Yvonne Jones
Kevin Lamoureux
Dominic LeBlanc
Lawrence MacAulay
John McCallum
David McGuinty
John McKay
Joyce Murray
Geoff Regan
Francis Scarpaleggia
Judy Sgro
Scott Simms
Justin Trudeau
Frank Valeriote
Adam Vaughan

YES VOTES                                    NO VOTES                         ABSTENTIONS
.                                                          Malcolm Allen                      Tyrone Benskin
.                                                          Charlie Angus                      Pierre Jacob
.                                                          Niki Ashton                          Christine Moore
.                                                          Alex Atamanenko                Marc-André Morin
.                                                          Robert Aubin                      Nycole Turmel
.                                                         Paulina Ayala
                                                          Dennis Bevington
                                                          Denis Blanchette
                                                         Lysane Blanchette-Lamothe
                                                         Françoise Boivin
.                                                       Charmaine Borg
                                                        Alexandre Boulerice
                                                        Marjolaine Boutin-Sweet
                                                        Tarik Brahmi
                                                        Ruth Ellen Brosseau
                                                        Guy Caron
                                                       Andrew Cash
                                                       Chris Charlton
                                                       Sylvain Chicoine
                                                       Robert Chisholm
                                                       François Choquette
                                                       David Christopherson
                                                       Ryan Cleary
                                                      Joe Comartin
                                                      Raymond Côté
                                                      Jean Crowder
                                                      Nathan Cullen
                                                      Don Davies
                                                      Libby Davies
                                                      Anne-Marie Day
                                                      Paul Dewar
                                                      Pierre Dionne Labelle
                                                      Fin Donnelly
                                                      Rosane Doré Lefebvre
                                                      Matthew Dubé
                                                      Linda Duncan
                                                      Pierre-Luc Dusseault
                                                      Mylène Freeman
                                                     Randall Garrison
                                                     Réjean Genest
                                                     Jonathan Genest-Jourdain
.                                                    Alain Giguère
                                                     Yvon Godin
                                                     Claude Gravelle
                                                     Sadia Groguhé
                                                     Jack Harris
                                                     Dan Harris
                                                     Carol Hughes
                                                     Peter Julian
                                                     Matthew Kellway
                                                     François Lapointe
                                                     Alexandrine Latendresse
                                                     Hélène Laverdière
                                                    Hélène LeBlanc
                                                     Megan Leslie
                                                    Laurin Liu
                                                     Hoang Mai
                                                    Wayne Marston
                                                    Pat Martin
                                                    Brian Masse
                                                    Irene Mathyssen
                                                    Élaine Michaud
                                                    Dany Morin
                                                    Marie-Claude Morin
                                                    Isabelle Morin
.                                                   Thomas Mulcair
                                                    Pierre Nantel
                                                    Peggy Nash
                                                   Jamie Nicholls
                                                   José Nunez-Melo
                                                   Annick Papillon
                                                   Ève Péclet
                                                   François Pilon
                                                   Anne Minh-Thu Quach
                                                   John Rafferty
                                                  Murray Rankin
                                                  Mathieu Ravignat
                                                  Francine Raynault
                                                  Jean Rousseau
                                                 Romeo Saganash
                                                 Jasbir Sandhu
                                                 Craig Scott
                                                 Djaouida Sellah
                                                 Jinny Sims
                                                Rathika Sitsabaiesan
                                                Kennedy Stewart
                                               Peter Stoffer
                                               Mike Sullivan
                                               Philip Toone
                                               Jonathan Tremblay

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5 thoughts on “Who Voted for C-51… Is my math right?

  1. I have to agree with you regarding J Trudeau – he has had numerous opportunities to turn it around yet he didn’t. It still surprises me, given the charter legacy PET left us
    There were a few that voted yes to this bill that really made me scratch my head – In no particular order: Brent Rathgeber, Michael Chong, Scott Andrews!! Rathgeber and Andrews of course, because they chose to leave the cpc on principal and sit as independents – and kudos to them for that. But then to support C-51??? Makes no sense to me! And Chong of course, because of his initiative with the Reform Act.
    And yes, JT will be lucky if his party manages to hang on to fourth place status come October. Can’t help but wonder tho, if it was his decision or if it was his advisors. If it was JT’s decision, I’m afraid I’m going to be believing the stories about his huge ego and his sense of entitlement, etc…. I don’t suppose we are ever going to know who and/or why this decision was made – too bad, I’d love to know!

    • As my title suggests, the one thing in this post which I was never very sure of were the numbers. And you’re right, I messed up the numbers, although I am not entirely sure how. Since reading your comment, I’ve unsuccessfully tried to reproduce my error a number of times without success, so my best guess is that I got frustrated trying to count the votes in the columns and used the Wikipedia numbers (or some combination of the two).

      If you read the article, my premise was not about about the actual vote, it was speculation about the possibility Bill C-51 could have been voted down in third reading. What caught my eye was the number of Conservative MPs that didn’t bother to show up.

      While I am aware the Harper Government is able to force any vote through with a full house, when writing the article my count suggested only 146 Conservatives had voted, and my count of the combined seats of all the the opposition MPs exceeded that. My premise assumed there were no abstentions or votes for Bill C-51 outside the Conservative Party.

      Of course now I am aware both my numbers were in error. As you have pointed out, 149 Conservatives actually voted, and that number exceeds the total number of seats the combined opposition is able to muster (which I now believe to be 144 (at this time).

      So yes, I made a mistake, and I appreciate that you took the time to bring it to my attention. Thanks for the correction.

  2. You do know that there has been an anti-terrorism bill in place in Canada since 2001? Of course there was not social media at the time to allow a bunch of uninformed juveniles to create a herd mentality and jump every one over the cliff about it then. Trudeau voted for the bill knowing if he were part of it, he could make amendment proposals, which he has already done. Mulcair and May knew they couldn’t stop it, since harper has a majority gov’t, but it would already be in place if they won and they also knew people were so clueless that they could use it against Trudeau to win votes off of his back, when he in fact, did the only responsible thing to allow himself to peck away at the bill right away with the promise to amend it to get rid of anything that infringes upon our rights, if he is elected. You have to ask yourself who chose the path that works for us, rather than just going with popular opinion, and manipulating the uninformed sheep who are being fooled by what harper did by renewing this bill that was expiring, and by adding parts he knew would cause this controversy.

    • Seems to me when they passed the 2001 anti-terror law Canada was stampeded over the cliff in response to fearmongering. But even that one had a sunset clause, unlike Bill C-51. The new anti-terror law goes much much farther than that and tramples all over our charter rights… which is why Canada’s legal community opposed it so strongly.

      The way our parliamentary procedure works, all MPs and parties are allowed to submit amendment proposals. The Liberals proposed their amendments, as did the Green and NDP parties. The Harper Government flexed its majority muscles and accepted none of them, only passing a handful of Conservative amendments on Bill C-51. The voting happens afterward. When MPs vote for legislation, they are contributing to passing it.

      Later, after the election that changes government, the party that forms the new government– particularly if that party has a majority government– has the power to amend or repeal the law whether or not the party voted for it.

      Bill C-51 is no longer a bill, it is in fact a law that has been in place since it received Royal assent June 18th.

      Since forming government, there has been no movement to make any amendments to Bill C-51. Although it is early days, there was no word at all about any amendments you allude to in the throne speech. I don’t know about any promise to amend Bill C-51 (the Anti-terrorism Act, 2015) to get rid of anything that infringes upon our rights. In fact, amendments I recall Mr. Trudeau speaking of before he became Prime Minister include Charter infringements.

      Call me crazy, but it seems to me democracy must give serious weight to “popular opinion.”

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