Is the NDP Greener than Green?

I’m no expert, but I have been told by NDP friends that their party policy is dramatically “greener” than Green Party policy on environment issues.  When the NDP’s Linda McQuaig spoke out,  I thought …maybe…  But as it turns out, I was wrong.  Climate scientist Andrew Weaver is an environment expert. He is also the Green Party Member of the Legislative Assembly for Oak Bay-Gordon Head in BC, so I am very pleased to be able to present his much more informed perspective on the two environmental policies in this guest post.

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Elizabeth May
“Only the Federal Green Party has been honest
about the need to keep oil sands production
at two million barrels a day. “


by Andrew Weaver

Linda McQuaig speaks the truth and rather than supporting her, the NDP party brass throw her under the bus. I am disappointed that the Liberals criticized McQuaig but expected as much from the Harper Tories.

Only the Federal Green Party has been honest about the need to keep oil sands production at two million barrels a day.

Federally, Mulcair is so twisted up in inconsistencies re: Kinder Morgan that it is stunning. He wants to wait until the NEB process is over. But that didn’t stop the NDP being against Northern Gateway before the NEB process was over. And the NEB process this time is so rigged it’s not funny. The reality is, it is entirely unsafe and completely irresponsible to be increasing our shipments of diluted bitumen threefold. Vancouver is trying to brand itself as the world’s greenest city by 2020. That can’t happen when it becomes one of the world’s great fossil fuel exporters.

And finally here is what Horgan, the BC NDP leader tells the Kids for Climate Action Group when asked if he would sign their pledge to keep BC’s 2020 targets. He called it a “shallow publicity stunt, saying the target won’t be met and he wouldn’t sign the document because it isn’t possible”. And not a single BC NDP MLA asked was willing to sign the Kids for Climate Action commitment to take steps to limit thermal coal. Why? It’s obvious. The BC NDP are more concerned about what taking such a position might look to their labour union puppet masters than they are about thinking of intergenerational equity.

The Best, Worst, and Strangest of our Government’s Plan for Climate Change

So the evidence is clear, the NDP both provincially and federally are all over the map and completely unprincipled on actions to deal with climate change.

Thomas Mulcair, federal NDP Leader
“Federally, Mulcair is so twisted up in inconsistencies re: Kinder Morgan that it is stunning.”

Rather than pretending they are something that they are not, they should be honest with people. I would actually have far more respect for them if they were.

Some will argue “Let’s give them a chance it will be better”. Frankly we only have to look at the about face of Notley’s climate campaigning once she got elected to know what we can expect. What happened to her talk about proportional representation? Sorry. It’s about trust and you have to earn that. NDP actions clearly demonstrate otherwise.

“The federal NDP attacked Stéphane Dion’s green shift which was designed to put a price on carbon
yet offered nothing of substance up in return.”





And as Ed Wiebe pointed out, what is the NDP GHG reduction plan? It doesn’t exist. The Climate Change Accountability Act was only a monitoring Act. They’ve offered absolutely nothing but have the audacity to pretend that we should “trust them”.

I remember too well when the NDP attacked Gordon Campbell’s carbon tax with their cynical “axe the tax” campaign. The federal NDP attacked Stéphane Dion’s green shift which was designed to put a price on carbon yet offered nothing of substance up in return.

To my NDP friends, take a look in the mirror and please stop kidding yourselves. The BC and Federal NDP will not put in place any substantive plan to deal with climate change. You can take that to the bank.

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My own photos of Elizabeth May, Thomas Mulcair and Stéphane Dion are released under a Creative Commons Attribution Unported 2.0 license available via Flickr.

For more information download the pdf

A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO THE ALBERTA OIL SANDS: Understanding the Environmental and Human Impacxts, Export Implications and Political, Economic and Industry Influences bt Michelle Mech


4 thoughts on “Is the NDP Greener than Green?

  1. “The BC and Federal NDP will not put in place any substantive plan to deal with climate change. You can take that to the bank.”

    what you can also “take to the bank” is the green party and any other political figure in the world – such as yourself weaver – to “not put in place any substantive plan to deal with climate change” until the elephant in the room of the 65+ years of ongoing global geoengineering experiments is exposed addressed and put to an immediate stop , until that’s done all other bickering about ‘climate action’ is putting a bandied on a decapitation wound AT BEST , and time is running out for you to do so before the methane releases destroy what tiny amount of ice pack is currently left in the arctic this spetember and trigger an unstoppable runaway green house effect that will turn this planet into another venus exterminating all life on this planet potentially forever………………….

    • The problem, of course, is that although Mr. Weaver has been elected, his is the only Green Voice in the BC Legislative Assembly. What people like you need to do, iamli3, is elect more Green MLAs and MPs if you want to see the Green Party positioned to take action. You may not have noticed, but just getting a voice is a massive proposition for any political party under our current unaccountable electoral system.

      • oh wow my comment wasn’t deleted like when i commented on weaver’s blog….

        you seem to have missed the point of my comment…
        not his nor any position in any power structure excuses him from disregarding being handed evidence of mass crimes against humanity and all life being undertaken by geoengineers like david keith whom weaver claims he knows very well and is not for sparying the atmosphere , utter nonsense blatant lie…..

        the person talking to him in this video indicates that weaver is in a position of power to be able to put a stop to geoengineering by calling for a moratorium on it , instead of doing so however he choses to pretend it’s not happening , making him an accessory to this crime , and if he doesn’t change his tune soon it will be to late to do so once the masses become aware of this……

        im already well on my way to getting glenn sollitt – my local green mp candidate (up until now i had been referring to the position as the mla , i don’t know what i means so i assumed it was just another way of saying mp , so what’s the difference between those 2 things then?) – elected , because i talked to him personally for 2 hours informing him on this matter as best i could , he understands how dire this issue is and will be able to freely do something about it once he’s in parliament….

        what’s more i briefly talked to may about it and she told me she’s very aware and very worried about the global geoengineering experiments but hasn’t been able to say anything about it cause she hasn’t been able to find any credible data from canada’s agencies cause they all tell her there’s no such thing happening , she has however already tried to expose isolated attempts at it that she was able to uncover like

        so i informed her about which is compiling all the credible data related to this that it can , i just hope she’ll be able to take enough time out of her full schedule to get the facts she needs to do something about this , and judging by this recent article

        it would seem she is…..

        so glenn knows about it , may’s known about it for a long time , so have i , and now so do you , weaver knows about it , but he denounces it , this is unacceptable…..

        • Anyone who has a blog or website has the rights to allow comments or not, just as anyone is within their rights to decide who is allowed in their home.

          I considered not publishing your comment since it was framed as an attack on Mr. Weaver, and made the serious allegation that Mr. Weaver would “not put in place any substantive plan to deal with climate change.” Such an allegation is totally unsubstantiated, as well as being totally contrary to everything Mr. Weaver stands for. I decided to publish it anyway in order to clarify the facts.

          Your second comment suggests I missed the point of your first comment, but I didn’t. My best guess was (and is) your mistaken belief Mr. Weaver holds the power to alter Federal government policy. Your second comment states this more clearly when you say,

          “the person talking to him in this video indicates that weaver is in a position of power to be able to put a stop to geoengineering by calling for a moratorium on it”

          You state that Mr. Weaver is remiss because he is not calling a halt to geoengineering but then go on to admit you don’t understand what an MLA is. Before attacking someone for not doing their job, you must first understand what their job is.

          Mr. Weaver is an MLA, which means “Member of the Legislative Assembly” — in his case is the provincial government of the province of British Columbia. An MLA has one vote on any legislation that comes up within the Provincial Government. An MLA can also introduce Provincial Legislation, but since he is not part of the government (the party in control of the majority in th Legislative Assembly) any such legislation he might introduce would take the form of a “Private Member’s Bill.” Since the Green party has only a single MLA, the possibility exists that any legislation Mr. Weaver introduces will get only a single vote, in which case it would not pass.

          No matter what the person in the video believes. Mr. Weaver has absolutely no power in Canada’s Federal Government, because he is not an MP (which means “Member of Parliament” — and specifically refers to the federal parliament in Ottawa). Since you seem to think you need an MP’s help, I suspect your problem is with the Federal Government.

          While wishing to change the world is fine, if you actually want to succeed the first order of business would be to find out how the world works first. And certainly before you attack someone who doesn’t have the power to accomplish what you want.

          While things you believe might be happening, without proof, what you believe is a belief, not a fact. Believing something does not make it fact. Many Canadians believe that their marriages will stand the test of time, but the divorce rate shows that a good number of those Canadians are mistaken. Just because something is published on the Internet does not make it true. Anyone can start a website or a blog for free and write whatever they want in it. The challenge for the reader is to decide whether what they read is true or not.

          Mr. Weaver is a scientist. Although I understand you’ve included your video clip in an attempt to discredit Mr. Weaver, the video doesn’t actually do that. Instead, it vindicates him. This video demonstrates not only that Mr. Weaver is willing to listen to his constituents concerns and engage in discussion with them, it also clearly demonstrates that he emphatically agrees wih you and with the maker of the video that geoengineering is a bad thing that he does not support. But what you and ther videographer seem to have missed was the part where Mr. Weaver explains that far from fighting climate change, geoengineering by spraying things into the atmosphere would actually make climate change worse. You also seem to miss the part where he points out that geoengineering is illegal under international law.

          What is clear is that Mr. Weaver does not accept your premise that the government (any government) is currently engaged in any such geoengineering practice. However, Andrew Weaver is first and foremost a scientist. Although no fact will shake the beliefs held by a religious person, for the record, good scientists decide what to believe from the facts in evidence. Although Mr. Weaver clearly does not believe geoengineering is happening now, if he were presented with scientifically credible evidence, he would change his mind. If provable credible data were produced to prove your premise, I have no doubt Mr. Weaver would do something about it. Even though his seat in the Provincial Parliament would not allow him to put a stop such a thing at the federal level, his position as an internationally recognized Climate Change scientist would allow him to make it into a public issue. But like Ms. May, Mr. Weaver can do nothing without credible data.

          I do not have the science background to understand this issue, but Mr. Weaver certainly does. If you wish to get him on your side, you need to convince him. Attacking him is hardly the way to go about it.

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