#ERRE Submission Links

ERRE BannerCanadians deserve Proportional Representation.

Just because the #ERRE Consultation Process is over, it doesn’t mean it’s over.  The Electoral Reform Process is really just getting started, as the ERRE Special Committee for Electoral Reform will now study the question so they can make their report to Parliament.

We need to continue making noise about Proportional Representation. One way to do that is to publish our submissions outside the ERRE site (they still have hardly published any).  If you have a website or blog, please publish your submission there, then send me the link, so I can add it to this list of links.

If you don’t have your own blog or website (or even if you do) I will be happy to publish your #ERRE submission here.  We need to be sure the ERRE Committee, Minister Monsef, and all of Parliament understands that we are serious about electoral reform.

Canadians deserve Proportional Representation.  Because we’re worth it.  

Note: The content of this post will continue to grow as I receive more #ERRE submissions submissions and links to #ERRE submissions.  If you wish to have your submission published here email me at laurel.l@russwurm.org

Links to ERRE submission Briefs are published on the official website, but slowly, and Expert Witness briefs and private citizen’s briefs are intermingled.

Erre Submissions

NOTE: I have refrained from including this List in my Proportional Representation for Canada series, because it is an aggregation of submissions which mat or may not support Proportional Representation.

Erre Submissions submitted for publication in Whoa!Canada will be formatted, not edited.

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