There is only one way to make every vote count #ERRE

back to PEI picks Proportional RepresentationProportional Representation: Accept No SubstituteThis is the twenty-seventh article in the Whoa!Canada: Proportional Representation Series

Too many things are happening at once, but it is critical to continue to press the Liberal Government for Proportional Representation.

It appears the Government will do what it can to avoid implementing electoral reform, so When the Liberal Government’s electoral reform postcards arrive, it is very important to discover where the ambiguity in the survey will be. I’ll try to post information here, but I caution Canadians to look around and see what is discussed online about the survey, and certainly listen to what Fair Vote has to say before filling it in.

We have just seen the government of PEI decide not to honour the vote so this is a critical juncture. We can’t afford not to have representation.

As well as personally calling your MP, this would be a good time to share any pro-PR graphics you see on whatever social media you use. Share, and share again. (Please note: both Facebook and Twitter don’t share everything we post with everyone in our network, so posting again later is a good practise.

Please feel free to share any of my original graphics available in my PR 4 Canada album on Flickr (and which I will continue adding to).  The more noise we make, the better!

(Think how much easier it will be when we have representatives who represent us!)

back to PEI picks Proportional Representation

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PEI picks Proportional Representation
There is only one way to make every vote count #ERRÉ
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and don’t forget to check out the PR4Canada Resources page!

Canadians Deserve Better -Proportional Representation - on Canadian Flag background

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