Defenders of the Status Quo

Yesterday Canadian Members of Parliament voted against Nathan Cullen’s Motion to concur in the Second Report of the Special Committee on Electoral Reform ~ which would have meant adopting the ERRÉ Committee Recommendations

Yeas 146 | Nays 159

MPs who voted

Two Liberal MPs voted to concur in the Second Report of the Special Committee on Electoral Reform, but all the rest (159 LPC MPs) voted against it.  Find out who voted, and how on the Government site.

None of the ERRE Committee Liberals voted for their own report!   Francis Scarpaleggia, Ruby Sahota, Matt DeCourcey and John Aldag voted against, while Sherry Romanado (along with another 20 Liberal MPs) abstained from voting.

MPs who didn’t vote


  1. Frank Baylis ~ Liberal ~ Pierrefonds — Dollard (Quebec)
  2. Julie DabrusinLiberal ~ Toronto — Danforth (Ontario)
  3. Doug Eyolfson ~ Liberal ~ Charleswood — St. James — Assiniboia — Headingley (Manitoba)
  4. Ken Hardie ~ Liberal ~ Fleetwood — Port Kells (British Columbia) *
  5. Bernadette Jordan ~ Liberal ~ South Shore — St. Margarets (Nova Scotia) *
  6. Karen Ludwig ~ Liberal ~ New Brunswick Southwest (New Brunswick)
  7. Robert Morrissey ~ Liberal ~ Egmont (Prince Edward Island) *
  8. Seamus O’Regan ~ Liberal ~ St. John’s South — Mount Pearl (Newfoundland and Labrador)
  9. Sherry Romanado ~ Liberal #ERRE Committee ~ Longueuil — Charles-LeMoyne (Quebec)
  10. Randeep Sarai ~ Liberal ~ Surrey Centre (British Columbia)
  11. Scott Simms ~ Liberal ~ Coast of Bays — Central — Notre Dame (Newfoundland and Labrador) *
  12. Anita Vandenbeld ~ Liberal ~ Ottawa West — Nepean (Ontario)
  13. Hon. Larry Bagnell ~ Liberal ~ Yukon (Yukon)
  14. Hon. Judy Foote ~ Liberal ~ Bonavista — Burin — Trinity (Newfoundland and Labrador)
  15. Hon. Chrystia Freeland ~ Liberal ~ University — Rosedale (Ontario)
  16. Hon. Marc Garneau ~ Liberal ~ Notre-Dame-de-Grâce — Westmount (Quebec)
  17. Hon. Kent Hehr ~ Liberal ~ Calgary Centre (Alberta)
  18. Hon. Dominic LeBlanc ~ Liberal ~ Beauséjour (New Brunswick)
  19. Hon. Carla Qualtrough ~ Liberal ~ Delta (British Columbia)
  20. Hon. Geoff Regan ~ Liberal ~ Halifax West (Nova Scotia)
  21. Hon. Harjit S. Sajjan ~ Liberal ~ Vancouver South (British Columbia)
  22. Right Hon. Justin Trudeau ~ Liberal ~ Papineau (Quebec)
Justin Trudeau's Election Promise: "We will make every vote count."
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau couldn’t even be bothered to show up.


  1. Mel Arnold ~ Conservative ~ North Okanagan — Shuswap (British Columbia) *
  2. Blaine Calkins ~ Conservative ~ Red Deer — Lacombe (Alberta)
  3. Hon. Ed Fast ~ Conservative ~ Abbotsford (British Columbia)
  4. Randy Hoback ~ Conservative ~ Prince Albert (Saskatchewan)
My own Conservative MP spoke in favour of the motion on Tuesday, then voted for it Wednesday.


  1. Niki Ashton ~ NDP ~ Churchill — Keewatinook Aski (Manitoba)
  2. Fin Donnelly ~ NDP ~ Port Moody — Coquitlam (British Columbia) *
  3. Peter Julian ~ NDP ~ New Westminster — Burnaby (British Columbia)
  4. Pierre Nantel ~ NDP ~ Longueuil — Saint-Hubert (Quebec)
  5. Tracey Ramsey ~ NDP ~ Essex (Ontario)


  1. Rhéal Fortin ~ Bloc Québécois ~ Rivière-du-Nord (Quebec)


  1. Hon. Hunter Tootoo ~ Independent ~ Nunavut (Nunavut)

I’m disapopointed to see almost half a dozen NDP MPs didn’t vote (even worse, some leadership candidates).  But even if all the non-Liberal MPs had voted, without more Liberals voting for it, the motion was bound to fail.  Which is why we need Proportional Representation.

Post Script: Corrections and Errata

I made 2 errors in compiling my list above, I knew how many MPs didn’t vote, I missed one Liberal non voter, and mistakenly included an NDP MP who did vote, which has now been corrected.  [As always, please let me know of any errors or ommissions.]

I understand the Standing Committee on Fisheries and Oceans members had Committee business out west, so that kept some people away.

* Scott Simms LPC (absent)
Robert Sopuck CPC (yes)
* Fin Donnelly NDP (absent)
* Mel Arnold CPC (absent)
Todd Doherty CPC (yes)
* Ken Hardie LPC (absent)
* Bernadette Jordan LPC (absent)
Ken McDonald LPC (no)
* Robert Morrissey LPC (absent)

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