♦ 14 Canadian Commissions, Assemblies & Reports recommended PR

Most are available online:

Government of Canada ERRÉ


Task Force on Canadian Unity

  1. (1978) Report of the Pepin-Robarts Task Force on Canadian Unity 
  2. (1979) Electoral Reform and the Future of Parliamentary Institutions  pdf
    recommends MMP (Closed List Mixed-Member Proportional Representation

Law Commission of Canada

  1. (2002) Electoral System Reform in Canada: Objectives, Advocacy and Implications for Governance prepared for the Law Commission of Canada by F. Leslie Seidle
  2. (2004) Law Commission of Canada’s 2004 model (LC2004) 232 page report

Prince Edward Island


British Columbia

New Brunswick


Ontario Citizens’ Assembly 2007

  1. Democracy at Work – The Ontario Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform
  2. One Ballot, Two Votes: A NEW WAY TO VOTE IN ONTARIO
    Recommendation of the Ontario Citizens’ Assembly
  3. Ontario’s Referendum on Proportional Representation: 
    Why Citizens Said No by Laura B. Stephenson and Brian Tanguay
  4. Official Voting Results – 2007 Ontario Referendum
  5. Electoral System Referendum Act – Ontario Bill 155