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The ERRÉ (Electoral Reform Réforme Électorale Parliamentary Committee) Consultation has been over since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau decided to break his promise to make 2015 the last First Past The Post federal election in Canada.  This is preserved here for archival purposes.  In spite of Mr Trudeau’s hope this very important issue will die, Canadians have been wanting voting reform for 150+ years.  It is not going away.  You can help make this change by continuing to contact your MPs, to ask candidates about Proportional Representation during elections, and writing letters, and educating your friends and family.  We’re really close to the tipping point.

What We Can Do

Call, write or visit to ensure your MP knows you support Proportional Representation.  Mail sent to your MP doesn’t require postage.  Some people prefer engaging their MP in a casual chat at local festivals etc.  I’ve decided to pass along some advice from my FVC WRC friends:

This month, we are moving into the home stretch for electoral reform. After a very busy and at times controversial summer and fall of MP, ministerial & committee consultations, tabling of the ERRE report and the arrival of the MyDemocracy.ca survey, the government recently confirmed that they are on track to introduce legislation on electoral reform in May. This means that when the House re-convenes latter this month, Liberal MPs will be taking action on electoral reform. We have a little over two weeks to convince our four regional Liberal MPs that they should support proportional representation when they talk in caucus or cabinet.

The best tool we have is to talk or write to our respective MPs. It isn’t too late to get an appointment with your MP or if an appointment isn’t possible, write an email or letter. Can you take a few minutes to book an appointment, write an email or letter? Our local Liberal MPs have been resolute in their public neutrality on electoral reform but they will be making this important decision in the coming weeks in caucus and cabinet. This is possibly our last opportunity to let our MPs know that they have a responsibility to honour their campaign promise to make every vote count. Please let them know that fairness, equality, accountability, good governance and local representation are all possible through proportional representation and nothing else will fulfill their promise to make every vote count.

Contact information for all MPs can be found here: Current Members of Parliament | Parliament of Canada

Sharon Sommerville, Fair Vote Canada – Waterloo Region Chapter


Things we could do for ERRE

Attend Town Hall meetings, and/or organize your own.
Check out the Green Party’s Proportional Representation Toolbox.
Volunteer to help Fair Vote Canada, the Council For Canadians, the Green Party or the NDP Proportional representation efforts.
The Waterloo Region Greens are doing a phone Push for Proportional Representation.  Even if you are neither in Waterloo Region or a Green supporter you’ll find some useful tips on the page.
ERRE: Step 4: Set up your own Canadian federal electoral reform event
Canadian federal electoral reform dialogue hosting guide 


—TWITTER: The Committee members will monitor Twitter (#ERRE #Q) for comments and questions from Canadians. Members may relay these questions to the witnesses in real time.

—REQUESTS TO APPEAR: Requests to appear may be sent to the Committee by email (erre@parl.gc.ca) or by using the appropriate button on the Committee’s website. Please note that the Committee clerks will contact only those who are selected by the Committee members to appear. Requests to appear must be submitted to the Committee no later than October 7, 2016, at 11:59 p.m. (EDT).

—WRITTEN SUBMISSIONS: Any person or organization can submit a brief to the Committee. To be accepted, the brief must be no more than 3,000 words in length (including the summary and footnotes) and be submitted to the Committee no later than October 7, 2016, at 11:59 p.m. (EDT). The Committee recommends highlighting any recommendations to support the principles set out in the motion mentioned above. Briefs may be sent to the Committee by email (erre@parl.gc.ca) or by using the appropriate button on the Committee’s website. Once they are translated, briefs will be distributed to the Committee members and posted on the Committee’s website.

Canadians who wish to follow the Committee’s work may do so by visiting its website (http://www.parl.gc.ca/Committees/en/ERRE).

Proportional Representation for Canada


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(Modified) News Release: HOUSE OF COMMONS SPECIAL COMMITTEE ON ELECTORAL REFORM TO HOLD HEARINGS IN REGINA, ST-PIERRE-JOLYS, WINNIPEG, TORONTO, QUÉBEC AND JOLIETTE http://www.parl.gc.ca/HousePublications/Publication.aspx?Language=e&Mode=1&Parl=0&Ses=0&DocId=8405690