Minister Fantino’s Inappropriate Use of Government Website

A Canadian flag flies at half mast against a blue skyGovernment of Canada websites have, for the most part, made extremely good use of the Internet. Canadians benefit from access to government information and legislation available online.

Until now.

It was quite shocking to find a vitriolic tirade Canadian International Development Agency | Dear NDP: CIDA Does Not Need Your Economic Advice published on a Government of Canada website by Canada’s Minister for International Cooperation, Julian Fantino.

[Note: The CIDA page was taken down, so the above link goes to the article in the Google cache ]

Although Canada currently has a government formed by the Conservative Party of Canada, the New Democratic Party has enough elected Members of Parliament to form the Official Opposition, which is also a part of the Canadian Government. Even if the NDP did not, as a duly registered political party representing any number of Canadian citizens, members of the NDP are certainly entitled to their own opinions and policies. Even when such opinions are published in the Huffington Post.

If Minister Fantino wished to respond to MP Helen Laverdière’s piece, he could have done so with his own submission to the Huffington Post. Or he could have submitted such a rebuttal elsewhere. Surely the Globe and Mail or the National Post would have been happy to oblige. Had he preferred to dispense with editorial oversight, he could have instead posted this diatribe under his own byline on his own blog. Or on any Conservative Party of Canada website or blog.

Minister Fantino’s ill advised decision to publish this partisan attack on a Federal Government website is clearly inappropriate.

Canadian Government websites are ultimately the property of Canadians, who come in many different shapes, sizes and ideologies. In order to properly serve our multifaceted, multicultural, multipartisan nation, Canadian Government websites must remain politically nonpartisan if they are to retain any credibility.

Minister Fantino has given the Canadian Government a black eye through this self serving overreach of authority. And Canada’s Minister for International Cooperation seems incapable of cooperating with his peers.

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P.S. I am pleased to report that Minister Fantino’s original article was taken down during the writing of this article. For anyone interested in reading it I’ve provided a link to Google’s cache of the document.