Local Politics Rant

They say municipal politics is supposed to be more accessible than the more “senior” levels of government. Hah. I am seething. My printer will not print for some reason; I’ve checked the connections and even turned it off and on again. Nothing. So fine; I’ll just send it by email and look into getting the printer fixed.

So I go to the municipal website and… no.

In a perfect world, this is what I would put in the form. In this world I don’t dare, else I know what kind of response my letter will get if I did.

Dear Local Government:

A municipal government may ignore the wishes and well being of the citizens, but it should at the very least give the appearance of listening to them.

First, I was forced to enable javascript. Then, I clicked the link that claimed to lead to email. But it didn’t.

*This* is not email, this is a form.

Worse, it is a digital form with a character limit. The letter I was going to email you does not fit.

You are supposed to be my elected representative, but you can’t be bothered to listen to what I have to say? I am supposed to edit my letter so that it can be shoehorned into this form?

Adding insult to injury: it has a captcha!

And why on earth should I give you my email address when you do not share yours with the constituents you are supposed to represent?

I myself can overcome the bad communication practices your government has in place by walking over to the township offices and hand delivering a printed copy tomorrow. Unfortunately a great many of your constituents would have much farther to go.

Glad to have got that off my chest.