ProRogue Bay

People like Michael Geist and Jesse Brown are tweeting about “ProRogue Bay”.

Caricature of Prime Minister Harper on a pirate ship with parliament buildings sliding into the sea
ProRogue Bay Image

Because the scurvy pirates over there in the Pirate Bay are a real hoot.

They’ve plastered the caricature (pictured at the right) of our very own Prime Minister Stephen Harper on the front page of their website and wittily re-titled the page ProRogue Bay.

Some people might (and I’m sure do) believe that the Pirate Bay the most wretched hive of scum and villainy because it is the most famous and most slippery file sharing website.

My Favorite Pirate

The Pirate Bay site has changed hands and jurisdictions to stay ahead of those who want — at the very least to shut it down — but would prefer — to imprison those knavish pirates running it.   I imagine that it’s one of those high-burnout jobs… like being the Dread Pirate Roberts.

For myself, I worry that eventually the copyright lobby will succeed in killing file sharing as their incessant propaganda will eventually brainwash enough of us into thinking file sharing is bad. When in fact you can find out from my StopUBB blog that

There are other uses for BitTorrent that are not only legal, but even perfectly acceptable in polite society.

The Nightengale and the Rose by Oscar Wilde; preserved by Project GutenbergActually one of the biggest problems with the copyright mess facing not just us in Canada, but citizens of many other countries around the world, is that laws are being written and civil liberties assailed supposedly in the name of “copyright”. These changes to copyright law are designed to criminalize all copyright infringement, which was previously a civil matter.

Interestingly enough, the bar for the standard of evidence required in civil court is much lower than that in criminal court. It seems that the new criminal copyright laws will be transporting the lower standards to criminal court, along with adjustments such as removing annoying concepts like “innocent until proven guilty”.

These changes to the law are being driven under secret treaties called CETA and ACTA. In the driver’s seat you’ll find organizations like the MPAA and corporations like Disney who are telling governments how to draft the law these organizations want. Worse, the whole process is being carried on behind closed doors with such strenuous non-disclosure agreements being applied that most of the elected representatives of governments engaged in these negotiations aren’t even aware of the details.

Previously, laws in democratic nations were drafted according to the societal norms and ethics of the countries, not handed down from above like tablets from heaven… not in democratic nations anyway.

Seems things are changing.

Changing the name of Pirate Bay to ProRogue Bay is a brilliant bit of strategizing on behalf of the pirates, since this will surely drive a lot of traffic to their site, which is regularly de-listed by search engines like Google.

But interestingly enough, if you go to the ProRogue Bay page and click on Prime Minister Stephen Harper you will discover that it is a link to the No ProRogue website which has launched a new CAPP forum off Facebook. This will allow Canadians who don’t use Facebook to participate in the grass roots consultation process.

So in fact, the pirate bay pirates are assisting Canadians seeking answers to our own home grown questions about democracy in our home and native land. There is precedent after all… if I recall my history, famed pirate Jean Lafitte was quite a proponent of democracy in his day.

Arr arr.


Courtesy of Andrew Davidson’s CBC Online: UPDATED: H(ar-r-r)per gets the Pirate Bay treatment (but don’t tell Ezra Levant…) article, I now know that The Pirate Bay’s “Prorogue Bay” Link has been discontinued. Of course as I was typing this my teenager came in and told me about it too. Go figure.

But the No Prorogue CAPP Forum is alive and well.

Go Democracy Go!