#Elsipogtog ~ Showdown at the Mi’kmaq blockade – the real story

What really happened in New Brunswick? The mainstream newsmedia won’t tell you.
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#Elsipogtog: What the Frack?

I didn’t understand how fracking caused the water coming out of the taps in people’s kitchens to ignite into flames or explode. This drawing explains a lot.

Fracking: Whats in your water?

Natural disasters like earthquakes and volcanoes have plagued humanity throughout recorded history. Bridges and buildings have sunk into the earth or fallen over because they were not built on a solid foundation. Is wholesale fracking dangerous to our planet’s structure?

Worse, there is a growing body of evidence that fracking endangers our water supply.

Years ago I read an entire National Geographic issue devoted to water. Until then, I had never thought about water, or realized our planet has a finite fresh water supply. Water is something we reuse over and over again, and the water we drink today is the same water that dinosaurs drank back in the day. The magazine pointed out that while human beings have done nothing to increase the fresh water supply, we have managed to decrease it.

By 2050 a third of the people on Earth may lack a clean, secure source of water.
National Geographic

That was before fracking. Fracking increases the danger to our water supply dramatically.

Q: So why is Fracking suddenly a problem around the world?
A: Corporations exist for one purpose only: to make money. Corporations don’t care what damage they do so long as there is profit. Fracking makes money.

New Brunswick

I don’t live in New Brunswick, but as a Canadian I am horrified by what is happening there.

On the morning of October 17, 2013, approximately 200 RCMP – some dressed in military fatigues and armed with snipers – stormed a Mi’kmaq anti-fracking blockade and camp near Rexton, New Brunswick. Journalist Miles Howe, on site, described the situation as “RCMP having their guns drawn.” RCMP have confirmed at least 40 arrests, with reports of Elsipogtog Chief Arren Sock as well as Mi’kmaq Warriors being targeted. Media reports have also been pouring in of people being tasered, having police dogs set on them, and rubber bullets being fired – including at young children.”

No One Is Illegal: Support Actions for Mi’kmaq anti fracking blockade

Why is this happening?

“A Texas shale gas drilling company wants to poison New Brunswick and the court says it’s fine. Go ahead. But the stubborn people don’t want to be poisoned! Darn stubborn people. The court says you have to let the Shale gas company poison you! You are so silly, you people.”

— Bridget Courchene, Facebook

Self defence has always counted toward legal justification. When corporate actions are endangering the water people need to drink — water we need to live, the corporation must be stopped.

Why has the only government intervention here been to send police and RCMP shock troops against a peaceful protest?

The people of the Elsipogtog First Nation in New Brunswick need our help:

Sign the leadnow.ca petition:



Contact New Brunswick Premier David Alward:

Express your concern over the government and RCMP’s actions against the Mi’kmaq.
Premier David Alward, New Brunswick
Email: premier@gnb.ca
Phone: (506) 453-2144
Fax : (506) 453-7407

The public good requires that human rights must be put before corporate profits. Fracking allows dangerous chemicals to be released into our ground water aquifers. This is not good for life on earth.

This should not be happening in Canada.

Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a democratic nation where governments listened to citizens rather than doing the bidding of powerful corporations? It is a sad commentary on our electoral system that the only legal recourse citizens have is to beg the government not to destroy our environment? Canada badly needs Proportional Representation so that our governments will put the public good first as a matter of course.

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If you can help:
Warriors legal fees

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Saving the BC Coast

Coming in off the ferry from Vancouver to Nanaimo

Crystal clear water... low tide at Rebecca Spit with Cortes island and coastal mountains on the horizon

Although I happen to live in Ontario, I am a Canadian. I care about all of Canada, including B.C. and wonder what will happen if the people who value oil profits above the environment get their way.

What those who seek to reap profits in the short term fail to realize is that the environment is our real capital.

If we squander it now, in the long term we will be left with nothing.

Tanker Free B.C. is having a letter writing campaign in the run-up to the impending B.C. provincial election. If the citizens of B.C. elect a government that stands up for the environment, it could make an awfully big difference to the environmental outcome.

If you live in B.C. you can use this link to write to the candidates to let them know that you care.

When humans wreck the environment, it impacts on us all. So even though I can’t vote, I’ve thrown in my two cents. I’ve edited Tanker Free B.C.’s letter into something suitable for those of us who live in other parts of Canada to send. Because everything is connected, and, as Canada’s coat of arms points out, our great nation runs from sea to sea.

Dear Candidate for BC Premier,

As a Canadian who values the “Supernatural” province of BC (and the $13.4 Billion tourism economy it enables) I am gravely concerned about American pipeline giant Kinder Morgan’s plans to transform Vancouver into a Tar Sands shipping port.

History proves that all oil ports and pipelines experience spills –
no matter what safety measures are promised.

Approaching the unspoiled BC coast

The estimated 35 long-term jobs from an expanded oil port pale in comparison to the hundreds of thousands of jobs dependent upon a clean coast. We cannot market ourselves as “The Best Place on Earth” while running one or more oil tankers every day through our harbour.

The pipeline and tankers risk harming BC’s coastal communities, marine ecosystems, and natural wealth, from the Fraser River Delta and productive farmland, to the Gulf Islands and Victoria. The pipeline would travel through the heartland of BC – through Kamloops, Merritt, Abbotsford and Surrey, over farms, forests, rivers and streams – exposing them to spills similar to the recent disasters in Arkansas and Michigan.

Such a large percentage of the world’s finite supply of fresh water lays within Canadian Borders, it is unconscionable to risk it for such short term gains. The pipeline threatens the future of Canada, as well as the planet. Allowing Kinder Morgan’s expansion means more Tar Sands development, the world’s dirtiest fossil fuels, driving global climate change. I worked hard raising my family; I want my descendents to live in a country they can be proud of.

The Coast Salish people understand all these risks better then anyone and have voiced their unequivocal opposition.

British Columbia deserves a leader with the vision and courage to chart a course for British Columbia based on clean technologies and a sustainable economy, a leader who can guide the transition of our society from fossil fuel dependence and resource extraction toward self-reliance, renewable energy, effective public transit, local food production, and value-added manufacturing.

B.C. deserves no less than a leader who recognizes the real value of British Columbia – a leader who will fight to keep BC “Supernatural”. Canada deserves no less. Please keep Canada clean and secure.


Laurel L. Russwurm

Dog looking over the side of the boat

As always, you’re welcome to use any or all of my letter, please help yourself.

Once upon a time they thought the ocean fish in the maritimes were an inexhaustible resource. Endangering the natural beauty of our world is bad enough, but damaging the environment puts us all at risk.

Twenty percent of the world’s freshwater supply lays within Canadian borders, but only about 7% is considered renewable (available and usable). Tar sands, fracking and pipelines all endanger our water supply.

If we squander our environmental capital for the sake of short term profits we ravage the legacy we should be leaving for our children. How much is the destruction of Canada worth?

The next generations must be able to drink the water and breathe the air.

A dog is silhouetted on the deck, staring off across the water

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