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Canadians Deserve Better -Proportional Representation - on Canadian Flag backgroundThis is the thirteenth in the Whoa!Canada: Proportional Representation Series

Meet the ERRE Special Committee on Electoral Reform.
These Members of Parliament are currently engaged in conducting an Electoral Reform Consulatation with Canadians — both online and off — as mandated by the Federal Government.

Francis Scarpaleggia ~ Liberal
M.P./député Lac-Saint-Louis Chair Liberal Caucus/président caucus libéral


John Aldag ~ LiberalChanging how we vote
Member of Parliament for Cloverdale – Langley City

Matt DeCourcey ~ Liberal
Member of Parliament for Fredericton / Député de Fredericton

Ruby Sahota ~ Liberal
MP – Brampton North

Sherry Romanado ~ Liberal
Députée féderale pour Longueuil-Charles-Lemoyne / Member of Parliament for Longueuil-Charles-LeMoyne

Scott Reid ~ Conservative
MP for Lanark – Frontenac – Kingston

Gérard Deltell ~ Conservative
Député de Louis-Saint-Laurent à la Chambre des communes
Nathan Cullen's ERRE Committee Proposal
Blake Richards (Conservative)
MP for Banff — Airdrie
replaced Hon. Jason Kenney ~ Conservative

Member of Parliament for Calgary Midnapore

Nathan Cullen ~ NDP critic for Democratic Reform and Environment & Climate Change
Member of Parliament for Skeena-Bulkley Valley

Alexandre Boulerice ~ NDP
Député de Rosemont La Petite-Patrie

Elizabeth May is on the ERRE Committee for the Green Party

Elizabeth May ~ Leader of Green Party,
Member of Parliament for Saanich-Gulf Islands

Luc Thériault ~ Bloc Québécois
Député de Montcalm et leader parlementaire du Bloc Québécois


• William Amos for John Aldag (Liberal)
• Greg Fergus for John Aldag (Liberal)
• David J. McGuinty for Ruby Sahota (Liberal)

• Sylvie Boucher for Scott Reid (Conservative)
• Blake Richards for Hon. Jason Kenney (Conservative) see above
• Pat Kelly for Hon. Jason Kenney (Conservative)
• Tom Kmiec for Hon. Jason Kenney (Conservative)

• Alain Rayes (Conservative)

• David Christopherson for Nathan Cullen (NDP)
• Matthew Dubé for Nathan Cullen (NDP)

• Daniel Blaikie for Alexandre Boulerice (NDP)
• Sheri Benson for Alexandre Boulerice (NDP)

• Gabriel Ste-Marie for Luc Thériault (Bloc Québécois)

The Committee will present its findings to the MINISTER of Democratic Institutions 
Maryam Monsef ~ Liberal
Member of Parliament for Peterborough—Kawartha

ERRE Special Committee on Electoral Reform meetings in Ottawa that had been broadcast live by CPAC (on local cable station, Parlvu and still available to watch on CPAC).

If you use twitter, use the #ERRE #Q hashtag for anything you want the committee to consider.

The Committee will also be travelling throughout Canada to meet with Canadians during the consultation period.  All MPs are encouraged to hold Town Hall meetings with citizens in their respective ridings.  Everyone should contact their local MPs constituency office for details of these events.  Because the time line is so tight, it is important these be scheduled very soon.

If your MP is not making any move to hold a town hall, or if you are concerned that your MP may not support Proportional Representation, please call or write.  Whether or not you’re inside or outside Waterloo Region, you’ll find some good ideas about what you might say from the WRGreens’ Push for Proportional Representation Action page.

For more info check out PR 4 Canada Resources

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