NoProRogue: De-MOCK-racy

No ProRogue Rally: January 23rd, 2010 @ Waterloo, Ontario

Waterloo NoProrogue Banner

Let There Be Reign - Picturing the Wizard of ID King - King Stephen I


Sign in the crowd reads: Where's Our Voice?

There was a good turn out at the Waterloo NoProrogue Rally. Many Canadians want to know what has happened to our voice.

I'm Going To Work Tomorrow - Why Aren't You?

This sweatshirt reads: Tyranny Response Team

Love these signs!

Resist Harper's Rogue State

Pictured below are “the ghosts at the feast”. These few seats stayed empty… they were seats that were saved in vain for the area’s invited but absent Conservative MPs. It’s always a bad sign when your elected representatives won’t meet with constituents.

A sign taped to the vacant seats lists the names of the absent Conservative MPs: Braid, Woodworth, Goodyear, Albrecht

I grew up in a world where Canada preferred to house serial killers in our prison system, rather than allow their extradition to a place where they would face the death penalty for their crimes.

A Banner Reads: You Can't Hide The Truth - Torture is A War Crime -

Clearly Prime Minister Stephen Harper was wrong when he made the cavalier assumption that Canadians don’t care about what goes on in other parts of the world.

A sign in the crowd reads: We Care: Torture, Accountability, Broken Promises, Democracy

Or that it wouldn’t bother Canadians to learn that our government was complicit in handing over people who will face torture.

This clever sign shows a multitude of arrows pointing every which way... We Care

The Time For Change Is Now

The Sign Reads: RESTORE DEMOCRACY Make Every Vote Count -

Members of the Waterloo Region chapter of the non partisan electoral reform advocacy group Fair Vote Canada attended the NoProrogue Rally, disseminating literature and information about electoral reform.

No More Wasted Votes

It seems clear that Canadians prefer Perogies to Premature Prorogation.

More Perogies LESS Prorogation

One sign poses the question: Should Braid Get Paid? And another says; WANTED - Stephen Harper - For Crimes Against Democracy

The picture is a wonderful drawing of a scrumptious piece of pie  - The sign says: Fascism is a Dessert Best Served Prorogued

NO ProRogue


No More Wasted Votes


Big Crowd with more signs

Who Needs Democracy Anyway

All the signs were great, and a lot of creativity was on display that day. Still, I think that my absolute favorite was the “deMOCKracy” sign. Simple but to the point.

the sign reads: This ProRogue is deMOCKracy

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s premature prorogation clearly mocks democracy.

Write to your Member of Parliament and tell them what you think about premature prorogation or anything else! You can find your MP with this lovely link – it will also help you find out who your MP is if you don’t know. It’s time that Canadians started letting them know what we think about how they represent us.
Find your Member of Parliament

Write to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and tell him too!
Prime Minister/Premier Ministre Stephen Harper <>

The government gives more weight to postal mail: you can mail your comments without a stamp!!:

The Right Hon. Stephen Joseph Harper, P.C., B.A., M.A.
1600 90th Avenue Southwest, suite A-203
Calgary, Alberta
T2V 5A8

Canada badly needs electoral reform. Take a peek at the Non-Partisan Fair Vote Canada site to get information some ideas of electoral reform. All Canadians need to join in these non-partisan discussions.