NoProRogue: Signs

Signs of Democracy

No Prorogue Rally: Guelph, Ontario

We held grassroots rallies and marches across this great land in heartfelt protest against Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s shameless premature prorogation which he effected solely to avoid government accountability to Canadian citizens.

On the 23rd day of January, 2010 Canadians of all ages and political affiliations (or none) took to the streets in peaceful assembly.

The rally changes to a March along the streets of Guelph

Coming from the earlier Waterloo Rally, I was late arriving in Downtown Guelph, but I got there in time to see the Rally transform into a March.

Sign in the crowd of Marchers reads: return power to parliament

These are some of the signs I saw on the Guelph NoProrogue march that day.

On the march: a sign reads "get back to work mps"

The gods smiled on our just cause: it was a mild day, although winter in Canada.   Canadians of all ages turned out to give voice to our concerns through peaceful assembly.

"ENOUGH" reads the sign "Get Back to Work"

Is it any wonder that a great deal of the outrage centers around the fact that the premature prorogation means that our hundreds of members of Parliament will not be at work due to the premature proragation… yet they continue to receive their paychecks courtesy of Canadian tax dollars paid by ordinary Canadians.   That’s us.

This sign demands 145 Tory MPs: Git Back To Work

For most Canadians no work means no pay.   So this sounds rather like a prorogation vacation to many Canadians.

Restore Power to Parliament sign
A drawing of a Perogie tells us "Perogies Not Prorogation"

It took me a minute to “get” the sign (right) until the lightbulb lit and I realized it was picturing a perogie.   I don’t know about you but I can always use a good laugh.   Leave it to Canadians, not only are we polite, but we’ve long been world leaders in the field of humour.   I rather like perogie-prorogue pun.

Return Power to Parliament

But the point is that the Canadian tipping point was the attack on democracy.

The fair vote Canada guy sports a Canadian Flag cape: No More Wasted Votes

Who says Canadians don’t wrap themselves in the flag?   We may be flawlessly polite, comparatively quiet and incredibly law abiding, but we love our country.   It was inspiring to see all the people wearing Canadian flags in one way or another that day.

Signs: "Restore Democracy"

And heartening to see so many hand made signs.   A great deal of passion — and effort — went into this day.

Of Democracy

With government like we’ve got, we can all surely use a smile

Is it any wonder that this song was running through my head while putting this collection together?

So although this hasn’t got anything to do with the grassroots NoProrogue movement, or Canada as far as I can tell, this video has some of the funniest signs I’ve seen in a long time… accompanied by the Tesla song “Signs”

Write to your Member of Parliament and tell them what you think about premature prorogation or anything else! You can find your MP with this lovely link – it will also help you find out who your MP is if you don’t know. It’s time that Canadians started letting them know what we think about how they represent us.
Find your Member of Parliament

Write to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and tell him too!
Prime Minister/Premier Ministre Stephen Harper <>

The government gives more weight to postal mail: you can mail your comments without a stamp!!:

The Right Hon. Stephen Joseph Harper, P.C., B.A., M.A.
1600 90th Avenue Southwest, suite A-203
Calgary, Alberta
T2V 5A8

Canada badly needs electoral reform. Take a peek at the Non-Partisan Fair Vote Canada site to get information some ideas of electoral reform. All Canadians need to join in these non-partisan discussions.