Canada needs an Independent Senate to Protect the Public Good

Canadian FlagSo far, I have received one stalling response to my email from a Conservative Senator’s office which said:

Your correspondence will be brought to the Senator’s attention as soon as possible.”

And I have received one very nice response from one Liberal Senator. It touched on many of my concerns, but it is clear that my communication failed to make my point clear.   I wrote this response:

Dear Senator:

I am sorry you have mistaken the content of my message. I do not support “the sensible position of the Liberal senators” but rather an independent and autonomous Canadian Senate — a Senate in which Senators rise above party lines to provide sober second thought for the Public Good.

Just as you say, your role as a senator is to serve all Canadians.

But “all Canadians” encompasses the entire spectrum of citizens, from those Canadians who support the Pirate Party of Canada all the way to those Canadians who support the Conservative Party of Canada, everyone in between, and even people who support no party at all.

Although this may surprise you, Liberal Party of Canada policies do not support the interests of all Canadians, they support the interests of the Liberal of Party of Canada. This has been demonstrated very clearly by the current LPC Leader’s staunch opposition to meaningful electoral reform to Proportional Representation.

As you say, all Canadians are supposed to enjoy the same rights and protections guaranteed under our constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. However, the reality is that we do not. The Current Government, as well as many previous Governments, have amply demonstrated all of us will in fact not enjoy these rights and protections until we all have representation in Government.

This will not happen until all of our votes count.

The dysfunctional political system in which you labor cannot be laid solely at the feet of the CPC. Within my own lifetime Liberal Prime Ministers Trudeau and Chrétien have laid the foundations of PMO centralization of power. And of course the game of “Senate stacking” has been played equally by LPC and CPC Prime Ministers.

I myself do not support any political party at all, because every Party puts Party interests before Canadian interests. While I understand the justification of the need for political parties in the Canadian House of Commons, the Senate is expected to rise above partisanship for the good of all.

I believe that an autonomous upper house is a vital component for the security of our democracy.  A growing number of Canadians disagree with me; they can see no solution to the seemingly unending venality of the Senate.  Many see the Senate as a superfluous echo of the House of Commons, which is why they advocate abolishing the Senate and replacing it by adding a few new seats to the HoC. That both Mr. Mulcair and Mr. Harper share the goal of Senate deprecation should make it abundantly clear to all Senators that the Upper House must begin doing what it was constituted to do if it is to survive.

All Senators must cast off Party shackles that prevent them from doing what is right. If the Senate is to have any hope of public support, it must first work for the public good.

I hope this helps.

Ms. Laurel L. Russwurm

The government’s motion to suspend Senator Duffy, Senator Brazeau and Senator Wallin will be put forward on Monday, November 4th, 2013.

Incredibly, the government Senators intend to limit debate to a mere six hours.

Today Senators have been talking about the flood of emails they have been receiving. Apparently I’m not the only citizen plagued with serious concerns about our Senators being coerced to vote as their Party orders them to.

Has our Senate lost the ability to engage in sober second thought? Please let them know how you feel.

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a horizontal border of red graphic maple leavesAnd now to my hiatus. I hope you all will Keep an eye on the country for me during November.

Email The Senate Tonight

flag smallTomorrow morning, Conservative Senators are expected to be “whipped” to vote for a motion to suspend Senators Brazeau, Wallin, and Duffy in one fell swoop – before proper investigations into the conduct of those three Senators have been concluded.

If you don’t understand what’s wrong with being “whipped” please watch Sean Holman’s excellent documentary CPAC Special – Whipped: The Secret World of Party Discipline on CPAC.

If our Conservative Senators allow themselves to be dictated to by Stephen Harper via his party whip in the Senate, this will provide more justification for abolishing the Senate.

Canada NEEDS an independent Senate to prevent any Prime Minister with a majority government from ruling dictatorially and imperilling the public good.

PLEASE take the time tonight to write a quick email to our Senators asking them to vote according to their own conscience and good judgment in the coming days, in order to preserve the dignity and autonomy of one of our foundational and vital institutions.

Here’s mine:

Dear Senator:

The Senate is supposed to be the gatekeeper of good law in Canada.  Your job is to ensure that the “tyranny of the majority” does not override good law and policy. Being a chamber of sober second thought is THE essential role of the Senate. Canadians count on Senators maintaining their autonomy.  The Senate is the Upper House of the Canadian Government, it can not be a rubber stamp for any Prime Minister with a majority.

Please stand on guard for Canada.


Laurel L. Russwurm

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