Stand Up For Science: Heather Douglas, Ph.D.

Rally at Kitchener City Hall

Kitchener City Hall ~ “Stand Up For Science”

Interview: Scott Ramsay,Chair of Biology WLU

Heather Douglas, Ph.D.speaks to the crowd via megaphone


When I arrived at City Hall, I caught Rosie Del Campo‘s interview with a local scientist for CTV.  Scott Ramsay is the Chair of Biology at Wilfred Laurier University, explained why Canadian scientists feel the need to step out of the laboratory and into the political arena.

On Monday Kitchener was one of the 16 cities across Canada holding an Evidence For DemocracyStand Up For Science” rally.

Heather Douglas, the Balsillie School of International Affairs‘s Waterloo Chair of Science and Society at the spoke to the crowd about the Erosion Of Science In Canada, The Link Between Science And Democracy, And Why We Need To Increase Funding For Research In Both Basic And Applied Sciences.

I’ve posted two video clips from Ms Douglas’ talk on YouTube.

Heather Douglas

Standing up for Science

Heather Douglas Stand Up For Science ~ Kitchener

Organizer Terry Helm checks his camera

Terry Helm organized the  Kitchener “Stand Up For Science” rally.

Organizers Byron Weber Becker and Sharon Sommerville hold a "Proportional representation for a better democracy banner.

Fair Vote organizers, Byron Weber Becker and Sharon Sommerville
hold the “Proportional Representation for better democracy” banner.