Canada Post Strike

The day before the strike, I went to the post office to mail a copy of my novel to a friend in Brampton. I was more than a little surprised to discover that this would cost about twice what it cost to have a copy of my novel shipped by courier from where it’s printed by CreateSpace in the United States.

The postal worker told me my package would have to both weigh less and fit through a certain sized hole before the price would drop. It would have been nice to be made aware of the strike before they took my money.

It is a serious problem when postal rates are so ambiguous that they can’t be posted or published online but require a quote. This must be a nightmare for Canadian mail order businesses.  They used to be able to consult guidelines so customers could know going in what postage would cost.

Another thing: Canada post is supposed to operate for the public good, not for profit. Yet it’s posting yet another profit year… during the recession… well what is that all about?

[FYI: gouging the citizens is *not* “the public good”

April’s stats showed the lowest rate of unemployment in Saskatchewan at 5.0% with the highest being 11.2% in PEI. Regardless of what anyone says, Canada is continues to suffer from the recession. I wonder how many unemployed Canadians aren’t factored in due to previous government alterations to the terms of Unemployment Insurance, reducing benefits while raising the barriers to qualification.

According to’s Canada Online Minimum Wage in Canada in June 2011, current Canadian minimum wages range from a low of $8.80 in Alberta to a high of $11.00 per hour in Nunavut.

With numbers like these, I doubt many citizens will be feeling very supportive of the Postal Workers fight against the proposed rollback from a starting salary of $23.00 per hour.

That is more than twice the highest minimum wage rate in Canada. A living wage is one thing; pricing our postal service out of the market is something else again.

In light of all this, I am delighted to be able to share Joe Johnson’s memo:

4 Canada Post Stamps

Joe Johnson’s Memo

Hey, all:

As we all know, scheduling is important in the world.

The current lock out of Canada Post workers is having a significant impact on communications in this country.

Billions of tons of useless junk mail is going undelivered, and thousands of businesses are marginally affected, what with not having to pay for the mailing of tons of useless junk mail.

Mass mailing businesses sit with tons of undeliverable mass mail from Rogers that will mean they lose business and their technicians will not be arriving at as many people’s homes between 9am Monday and 5pm Friday.

The lumber and paper industry will suffer greatly as vast swaths of old-growth forests continue uselessly growing instead of being turned into countless ads for profitable fast food restaurants of all kinds!

And those restaurants will suffer a loss of business as people slowly begin to forget about the many ways they can order junk food instead of making a home cooked meal.

People might not see the ad for a brand new plasma screen TV for just $2000, and might not think  “hey, I can mortgage my house… again, for that deal!” So the bankers suffer there too.

No one is going to realize that they can join the gym for just $20 and get a free gym bag, no, they won’t think of that on their own; instead, they might just decide to go for a walk or jog, or do some aerobics at home.

Join me in ensuring that the mail strike ends now, and let the junk mail roll!