Oh! G8/G20 Summit Madness

A post script to yesterday’s “Oh Canada” singing peaceful protesters: Oh! Toronto

Mother and child at Caribana a few years back
I have fond memories 0f living in Toronto.

Because Toronto is such a great city, this year’s summit madness bothers me so much.

Here is the other G8/G20 video that really got to me.

It bothers me deeply, partly because my sister lives nearby, partly because it’s Toronto, and partly because I’m a citizen.

Why is this happening here?

Canadian citizens, Toronto residents, have been confined to their homes and terrorized by a legal repressive regime.

This is Canada 2010

Canadians being intimidated by faceless black clad cops armed to the teeth. Tear gas. Ordered inside their own homes. Threatened for recording these government instigated breaches of the peace. This is madness. It sure as heck doesn’t look like anything that I recognize as democracy.

Canadian taxpayers… the same Canadian taxpayers and citizens being harassed and threatened and arrested on the streets of Toronto… are footing the bill.

Why? Did anyone ask citizens if we wanted to host these summit meetings? Did anyone ask if we wanted to foot the bill?

And what IS the bill?

Canadian Flag

The number being talked about for hosting the twin G8/G20 summits is

One billion dollars


That is a very large bite during a recession.

A lot of money a country with a total population of 34 million.

The thing to remember is:

the Billion Dollar price tag is
for the security.

How much are they we spending wining and dining these world leaders.

At a time when many Canadians are unemployed or underemployed.
A time when many Canadians are homeless.
A time when poverty is such that food banks are feeding a great many hungry Canadian citizens:
because our government is not.

Surely this isn’t my Canada.

a horizontal border of red graphic maple leaves

[Thanks to Liana Russwurm for passing the video along, and Zack Gilbert taking the risks involved to record this terrible scene from the front porch.]