Fair Vote Canada says: Visit Your MP about Proportional Representation

"Why We Need Proportional Representation: "All power tends to corrupt, and absoluteb power corrupts absolutely." ~ Lord Acton

If we want Canada to be governed democratically, we need to adopt Proportional Representation.  Our inequitable winner-take-all electoral system (that predates confederation) gives 100% of the power to the “winners”, and leaves a majority of Canadians the “losers” ~ citizens without meaningful representation in parliament.

Fair Vote Canada is a grass roots multi-partisan organisation that advocates meaningful electoral reform to Proportional Representation.   Right now Canadian MPs are in their home ridings, so this is an excellent time to visit their constituency office and suggest they support Proportional Representation.

If you sign up for the Fair Vote initiative they’ll send you a package including background information, suggestions of what to say and do in your meeting, and information to leave with your MP.

This isn’t a single party issue; Proportional Representation would benefit all Canadians.  Some Conservative MPs are listening with interest.  Our current electoral system is so badly broken that one Alberta Conservative MP reportedly told a constituent:

In Alberta, the Conservatives could run a poster on a tree,
and the tree would win.

That pretty much sums up why we need Proportional Representation so badly. The votes of all Canadians should count.


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